Monday, November 23, 2015

Things I like

Things I like, because money:

Ebates – Gives cash back on purchases made through their site. I fill up my cart at whatever site—Old Navy, JCPenney, and Kohl’s are some of my big ones—then go to ebates and click through. My cart is still there, I check out as normal, then a few minutes later ebates sends me an email that says “Hey, you’re getting $3.75 back on that purchase!” When you hit a certain threshold ($5, maybe?) it will automatically deposit in your PayPal. If you sign up through this link I get like, $5, and you get $10 (I think).

Bing – I don’t care for the search results, per se, but they have pretty pictures and they pay you to use it. I always get mine in Amazon gift cards, but you can do like, Hulu+ subscriptions or whatever floats your boat. If you sign up through this link and get silver status within 60 days, I get a bonus. (I don’t think you get anything, other than earning those Amazon gift cards.)

Thredup – I mentioned this one on Facebook. A little more expensive than Goodwill, but without having to paw through all those 1997 oversized tees. (Or is that just my part of town?) Use the link and we both get a $20 credit.  I may have used mine for a maternity tunic. Not an announcement. Just planning ahead, cuz that shiz ain’t cheap.

And the thing I love most of all…YNAB! Also known as You Need a Budget, it’s a swell software that is WAY BETTER THAN MINT. You gotta get this. For one thing, Mint wants you to FORECAST what you think you’ll earn that month, but YNAB only wants you to budget the money you HAVE NOW.  And will actually let you budget for next month before you hit that month, which always drove me crazy come the 25th or so.  It’s kind of a digital envelope system, if you know Dave Ramsey but find it ridiculous to carry around envelops of cash in the year 2015 A.D.  It does have a one-time charge (there’s $6 for both of us if you use this link) but it’s worth it. AND, if you take the online course, they give away a free copy in every class. That’s how I got my license, but I would have paid for it, that’s how much I like it. It’s also free for college students. And they have great customer service (UNLIKE MINT.) I could create a whole dang website just about YNAB. I heart-eyes-emoji it.

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  1. Coolness. I did not know that about Bing. Makes them less irritating right away.


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