Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Oh man, I didn't realize how long my blog had been languishing until Jane linked to it, I clicked through, and realized I haven't updated since January. I didn't even do my birthday post!

The first entry on my birthday list is also the reason I have been extra lax--I got called as Young Women's president. Turns out that takes a lot of time! And Adam got called as a Cub Scout leader, which wouldn't ordinarily take a lot of my time, except that his co-leader was a flake and every time he bailed at the last minute I had to step in. And Adam quit to go back to school full time, but two of his classes are at night, so I'm single parenting, etc etc. I'm busy, okay?

Sometimes I dream of being a professional blogger, but I'd really have to get a gimmick, and then I get overwhelmed by the thought of it quickly overwhelms me and I give up, as per usual for basically everything. I keep reminding myself that this isn't permanent. The whole point of going back to school is so maybe one day I don't have to work full time. That's all I want. Just a little breathing room in the week. Dare to dream.

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  1. Wow. That is a calling I have always wondered about. Is sleep even possible? Teaching every Sunday plus activities every week PLUS they're teenagers that aren't even yours. You're more fun than I am however, so I think you can do it. Good luck!


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