Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reluctantly gluten free

On Monday, I was saying that we needed to eat more vegetables and eat out less. On Tuesday, we got a call that hubs tested positive for celiac disease. So yeah, we're going to be eating more vegetables and pretty much exclusively eating at home.

This is one of those times where there's good news and bad news, but it's the same news. It's great that hr might actually be able to get some relief, but bad because gluten is delicious. We're all going to be gluten free at home, because there's too much risk of cross contamination.

It's going to be expensive, too. We need to buy a new toaster! A tiny box of GF flour is seven bucks. A single serve frozen meal is four. We went to the store the day we found out, just to get through the week until we can get a better game plan. It was over $100 for not that much food. But worth it, if it works.

Everything has gluten, though. Soy sauce! Taco seasoning! It's ridiculous. And so many companies are too wussy to just commit and make their food gluten-free. Instead they c their a with "manufactured on equipment that also processes wheat" disclaimers. I understand how people felt when they committed to making Chex cereal gluten-free.

It's not like we can't eat regular food--we had chicken nachos last night, which I think was a comfort. Some of the dishes we used to eat are still okay, but it's all just a lot more work and label diligence. But like I said, worth it if it works. And lunch at work is going to be all the gluten, all the time.


  1. Sounds like the peanut butter parties the parents of allergic kids have.
    I hope it works for you all. Lots of corn and rice and almond flour I guess.

  2. Cathie, I was going to leave a comment but decided I'll send you a lengthy email instead. Yes, definitely good news/bad news/same news!

  3. In college the student health center told me I had celiac disease. Then they changed their minds. But I had a pretty depressing week while I thought it was true. I hope things get easier with the food. Also Braggs is like soy sauce but is gluten free (and has less sodium).


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