Saturday, October 18, 2014


More fun than my bank's birthday greeting

It's been a busy year. I was on maternity leave for my last birthday, which probably explains how I forgot how old I was. At one point last fall the hubs said something about me being 32 and I had to stop and do the math. I was 32! How did that happen?! I guess the counter in my brain never clicked up to the next number. 

So since last year, I...

Went back to work (horrible)
Got laid off (horrible)
Had a month between jobs (kinda nice! P and I went to the movies every week.)
Found a new job (good) (new job is actually in my line o' work...even better, though they still haven't made me permanent, which means no insurance or paid time off, sigh)
Took the baby on her first vacation!

Um...I'm running out of stuff. Overall it was just keeping everyone alive and fed and mostly clean. But it was lots of fun, too. Lots of firsts to witness and enjoy.  Obviously I knew I'd love my baby, but sometimes I'm still overwhelmed by just how.much.  She is amazing, and it's been the hardest, happiest year yet.

So much fun at the zoo on our first vacation!