Sunday, September 14, 2014

Potter Party Part 2

The party was a rousing success! (Perhaps too much of one--note to self, put an end time on the invitation.)

We made fun bunting for decorations

And we made ties. Everyone (except for the birthday girl) put on the Sorting Hat and pulled a tie from a basket. Hers was a special mix of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, since she's a special mix of her parents.

The menu was a challenge. I wanted Harry Potter-themed food, but September 1 in Phoenix is a tad warmer than the north of England (Scotland? the book is unspecific) and roasts and chops is a bit heavy. So we had baked potatoes,salad, and carrots with dip, with butterbeer (cream soda with a topping made of heavy cream, marshmallow creme, and butter flavoring, which is remarkably close to what they have in Orlando) and jelly beans. Each food had a quote from the books next to it.

And of course, we enjoyed cupcakes.

I made playdoh for the kids to "transfigure," but they mostly just played with P's presents. *shrug*

All in all, it was lots of fun! Exhausting, delicious fun!


  1. Yay!!
    I am so, SO impressed with your efforts and attention to detail. Really interested in this butterbeer stuff.
    Happy Birthday P!!

    1. Thanks! The butterbeer is really easy. It's a cup of heavy cream (I like to whip it a little first, just to thicken it) and a jar of marshmallow creme with a teaspoon or so of butter flavoring. Some recipes call for rum flavoring, but...ew. Put a spoonful on top of a glass of cream soda, and voila! (Might want to scale it down for non-party sized crowds.)


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