Friday, August 8, 2014

Potter Party Part 1

We've still got a month until baby P turns one, but we made the invitations today. They're pretty epic. I'm really pulling out the stops (for me, anyway) for this party. I think we're mostly celebrating that we all made it through the first year alive. Every other party from here on out is probably going to be room temperature pizza and playing in the hose. This year, though...this year is The Girl Who Lived.



And that's just the beginning. So much fun to plan.


  1. Whoa.
    Epic doesn't even begin to describe that invitation. Really cool theme and such an attention to detail...
    Apparently you got some sleep this last year. :-)

  2. Very impressive! Too bad she is too young to appriciate it. You should repeat when she is 8ish!


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