Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Yeah, hi, sorry

Look, I get it. Long time no see. Anyway, here's what's been up:

Going back to work after maternity leave sucked. Then in February they told us they were laying us off. Spent ninety days feverishly applying for jobs. Had an interview, didn't get it, then months of nothing. Got offered a job, then they rescinded it that same day. Blah blah, life is terrible.

So then comes May 21, and I'm officially unemployed. But not eligible for unemployment because Arizona is the second worst state in the country for unemployment (thanks, Louisiana!) and you can't get your whopping $240 a week until you exhaust your severance.

Then three weeks ago my dad had a stroke, spent two weeks in the ICU, ten days on a ventilator, got moved to the rehab part of the hospital last week, had to get an emergency CT today...things aren't great.

And last week, we found out that the feds were at our condo in Utah. Not our tenant's fault, she says. It was her son, acting without her knowledge. Well, hard cheese. You rented the property, you are responsible for what happens there. CC&Rs say no illegal anything, so she's out. We're so done with that property, we're preparing to take a $15k or so bath on it just to get rid of it.

The month off has been nice. Usually in the summer I don't get to see Adam much during the week because he has to work swing shift, but instead I got to see him during the day. The little lady and I got to hang out together, making cookies, watching The Price is Right, going to the Summer Fun Movie Series (she's actually pretty well behaved at the movies, especially if there's licorice). It was really, really nice.

This week I started a new job (yay!) but it has no benefits (boo) is weirdly controlling about breaks (I feel fully refreshed after a half hour lunch, okay? I don't want an hour. I'd rather spend that extra half hour with my family) and won't have any actual work for me for at least a week. Oh, and doesn't have a dedicated mother's room in the building, so I have to work around the conference room schedule. Which is basically illegal, but since the position is temp to perm, I can't really make any waves. I've already pushed it with compressing the lunch schedule.

It's been just as painful as going back after maternity leave. I got pretty teary several times during the day. I got home last night after picking up Queen P after 6:00--I had to immediately feed her and get her ready for bed. I then cried for several hours. What's the point of having a job to support your family if you don't actually get to be with them? It's miserable. I was made for mom-ing.

So I convinced them to let me take a 45 minute lunch, so I should be able to have a whole hour at home before I have to put baby to bed. Not quite the eleven hours we had before, but better than yesterday. In five weeks, I'll be able to switch to 7-4, Adam will handle daycare duties, we'll be able to spend a little more time together in the evenings, and with any luck I'll be made permanent soon so we have benefits and the raise that comes with that. Or I'll win Publisher's Clearinghouse next week. I don't need a fortune; I just want enough to stay home with my baby.

Anyway, I have to go get ready for tomorrow/bed/etc. But that's what's new with me. How you doin'?