Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday 2013

Since our last birthday review installment, I have:
- Been in a musical!
- Made a Thanksgiving dinner (okay, I bought the turkey from the Honeybaked Ham store, but I did the rest!)
- Gotten pregnant!
- Thrown up. A lot.
- Gone to California to announce the first grandbaby (and capture the reaction on camera)
- Gone back to school.
- Had my one year anniversary at work, which generally brings antsy-ness for a new job.
- Done various baby-related decorating things, include an adorable crib remodel.
- Given up on the class I was taking. (At 38 weeks pregnant, I didn't care about failing any and everything.)
- Had a baby! A c-section, no less!
- Kept said baby alive!
- Caught up on a lot of TV, thanks to Netflix and Amazon streaming.
Etc. I knew I'd be busy, so I actually started writing this in June. And now it's weeks past my birthday with finally getting around to posting it. Had to download the app, because I basically do everything with a baby on my lap. I don't mind. It makes me appreciate the little things, like eating at the same time as my husband. With both hands. Little things.
I've never loved my job, but since I had this amazing little girl I really wish I could stay home with her. We're crossing our fingers for Publisher's Clearinghouse. Someone has to win, right? Why not me? I promise I'd do all sorts of great stuff with it. Give me the chance to prove that having money wouldn't change me!


  1. That's been quite a year! Have I said congratulations?
    Congratulations!! Well done.

  2. Love this birthday review. I'm crossing my fingers for you!


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