Monday, April 15, 2013

Babies just look like babies

My sister asked the other day whose nose the baby has. As though I could tell from an ultrasound at 19 weeks who a baby looks like. The 3-D picture looks like a face that was burned off by acid. I'm too practical to think I can determine if a fetus looks like me. Frankly, she mostly looks like Harold from Harold and the Purple Crayon. See:

We'll decide noses in September.


  1. The acid thing made me laugh.

  2. I thought the Harold reference was perfectly apt. Interesting question; why noses? Those things change so much it's hard to know before the age of 65 whose it resembles.

    1. Two reasons, I suppose: she basically wanted a nose job her whole life until her baby was born and had her nose. Which brings us to reason two, which is that my grandpa's nose is remarkably dominant, and pretty much everyone since then has had his nose to some degree or another. So if Miss P's nose doesn't look like mine at all, it means the hub's has some seriously dominant genes.

  3. Uncanny resemblance. She's beautiful, though!


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