Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank goodness that's over

You guys, Guys and Dolls was awesome. So much fun. I'm absolutely glad I did it. But. I am so glad it's over.

See, I get up for work at 4:10. So being in rehearsal until 10 (or 11 during tech week, ugh) means I'm not getting a lot of sleep. Which means I would get home from work, take a nap, get up, shower, go to rehearsal, come back, crash, and get up for work. It was pretty draining, I assure you.

But now! Now! We have moved into our new house (which we haven't closed on yet, shhh, so we're just "renting" it now) and our house guests have returned to their house. My kitchen is unpacked and my fridge is full of Thanksgiving leftovers. I've been having delicious homemade rolls with what is essentially a sweet potato cobbler for breakfast. I can actually start going to the gym! (I also bought a groupon for, and got the one that comes with unlimited downloads. So...yeah, I'mma download them all.)

I digress. Guys and Dolls was a great experience, and I totally encourage everyone to follow their dreams and fulfill their life goals. Next I'm going to learn how to rollerskate. And work to once again weigh what it says on my driver license. And I'm going to avoid all stores but the grocery store until everyone stops playing Christmas music. This is why I do 99% of my Christmas shopping on Amazon, which I WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend if you too hate busy sidewalks, city sidewalks dressed in holiday style, silver bells, traffic, people, etc. If you decided you'd like to make your life infinitely easier as well, feel free to use my little Amazon widget at the right, which gives me a tiny percentage of whatever you end up buying. No pressure. If you like the Salvation Army bellringers, you do your thing.

I digress again. Go live your dreams, people! No day but today! Carpe diem! Et cetera!


  1. Congratulations!! Are there pictures/videos/audio?
    I'm good with the Christmas shuffle, but only in December. Bugs me so much to have Christmas music blasting before Thanksgiving.

  2. Congrats on the play! And I want to see pics of the new house!!!


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