Sunday, October 21, 2012

Birthday review

So, several days late. It's been busy, and only going to get busier because of the musical I'm in. But let's talk about the things we've done in the last year, no?

Saw my insides; confimed that my fallopian tubes are clear
Spent Thanksgiving in California
Got a Kindle touch for Christmas
Went to a whole lot of doctors appointments; didn't find cause for chronic infection issue
Moved units at our condo complex
Bought an actual bed frame, after months of just leaving the mattress and box springs on the floor
Several trips to Tucson
Got my Reluctant Reader of a husband hooked on books
Quit my crappy job
Got a much better paying job
Went to my favorite aunt's wedding
Bought favorite aunt's couch, ended husband's whining for a sectional
Bought a brand new car (12 miles on it when we got it!)
Was made permanent at much better paying job
Started taking advantage of much better paying job's health insurance, which covers infertility treatment
Started taking public transportation, which saves us tons of money and gives me lots of reading time
Got cast in a musical
Found out our friends are moving; offered to buy their house (it might even happen, too!)

I'm sure lots more happened, but those are the highlights off the top of my head. Not a bad year, even if it is two birthdays in a row that my husband was too sick to go out to dinner. Not sure what that's about; if it happens next year, we're going to have to talk about why he resents my birth.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

In lieu of bucket lists

I hate the term "bucket list." It was cute-ish for a movie title, but it doesn't need to become a Real Thing. We can still refer to things as goals, ambitions, hopes, dreams. All I think of when I hear "bucket list" is a scene from 30 Rock when Tracy says, "But there were still so many things on my bucket list! So many buckets I wanted to own!"

Aaaanyway, the point is that one of my life's ambitions is to be in a musical. Last night I auditioned for Guys and Dolls with a very nervous-sounding 16 bars (okay, 18) of "A Little Bit in Love" from the musical Wonderful Town. The director, bless his heart, said I have a better voice than the woman he saw do the role on Broadway. Ridiculous, I know. Charming lies, regardless. Plus he loved my resume. It was very tongue-in-cheeky, which I suppose was a gamble. But who is interested in a list of the shows I did in high school? It was amusing and memorable, full of things like "I saw my high school's production of Guys and Dolls" and "My favorite flavor of ice cream is dulce de leche." It go the job done.

Call backs were supposed to be tonight. Oh, callbacks, where they find out I can't dance. Callbacks are my nemesis. Lucky for me, they decided to cast the show just from the auditions--which frankly seems risky to me, unless they had people read and not me--and there, as number seven of eighteen Save a Soul Mission ensemble members, was my name. I'm going to be in a musical.

Rehearsals are 7-10 pm Mondays through Thursdays, which means I'll be going to bed two hours later than I'd prefer. Which means lots of afternoon naps, and lots of complaining about how tired I am. But still. IN A MUSICAL. And anyway, it's only six weeks or so.

So, if your interests include seeing shows where people you vaguely know from the internet periodically break into song, might I suggest you clear some time in mid-November?