Friday, September 7, 2012

stupid Blogger

So...there has been an issue with people (mostly Jane) commenting and it not showing up, except I get an email with the comment, so we had no idea what was going on--turns out they were being marked as spam. I don't see why, since they don't have any links (let alone links of dubious nature) nor are there suspicious keywords about overseas pharmacies or b00bs. Anyway, there you have it, and if you have comments missing from your blog, that's probably where they are, too.


  1. I am kind of mad at blogger right now too. First the comments thing, and then the format is weird on my computer and won't let me format well - and it used to be so easy to put in pictures - and then their seems to be an enormous increase in spam comments on my posts. I'd change to another host, but I hate change.

    1. GRR, All of your comments from today went to spam. I hear Wordpress has a good comment feature...?


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