Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stalker songs

Every time I hear The Police's song "Every Breath You Take," I'm reminded of a quote from Sting I once saw or heard somewhere (or smelled or tasted or felt?). The gist of it was that he was surprised that people choose it for their wedding song, since it's mostly about stalking/controlling someone.

I was reminded of that the other day when I was leaving work, singing The Bangle's "Eternal Flame" to myself. You know, as one does. But for perhaps the first time ever, I considered the words as statements, rather than just lyrics. "I believe it's meant to be, darling. I watch you when you are sleeping--you belong with me. Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming...." Dude, you guys, the narrator is totally a stalker. I watch him while he sleeps, but you're not sure that he feels the same?" Hey, I get it; sometimes on a Saturday I'll wake up before Adam and he'll wake up and be freaked out that I was looking at him. (Which always reminds me of the episode of Friends where Chandler freaks out when he finds his  roommate watching him sleep and the roommate asks "But what about all the times you didn't wake up?!") But at least I know that he shares similar views on the longevity of our relationship.

I suppose this isn't unique, the romantic sinister songs. But it''s weird. I know I heard another one lately, but it escapes me. Anyway, moral of the story, neither of these songs should be your wedding song. Especially since it's 2012 and how much are you living in the past? but mostly because they're creepy and not lovey.

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  1. I have always been amused by people loving 'Every Breath You Take.' Stalker indeed! I never thought about 'Eternal Flame' that way but it makes sense. (I do, totally, come out of work singing random songs I haven't heard in 15 years.) But people are weird.
    I'm glad our wedding song was less well known and less creepy than these, even looking back 12 years.


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