Thursday, July 12, 2012

texts from a stranger

You guys! I totally typed this up a month ago and didn't post it! I'm sorry! Enjoy.

I got a text from a wrong number. Rather than explaining that I had no idea what they were talking about, I decided to play along. The following is an exact transcription of our conversation.

Stranger: Hey its ari did scotty find his altoids?

Me: I dunno

S: Are you guys still at his place?

M: Oh, I've been home for ages.

S: Well i asked everyone to empty their pockets no one has anything

M: Well what am I supposed to do about it?

S: I will fix it when i get back

M: He needs to get over it.

At this point I went to bed, and when I woke up there were texts saying "Get over what?" "???" "Who is this?"

I didn't respond, but I was pretty disappointed that it unraveled so fast. Still, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. That is so amazingly awesome!! You rule. I want to be you when I grow up.

  2. I'm so glad you posted this. I will definitely play along next time this happens.


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