Sunday, June 10, 2012

the new job

So I got a new job.'s pretty miraculous. Not the job, just the circumstances around it.

As we all know, I have been looking for a new job, basically since I got my old job. I  was talking with some women from church and they were asking if there were any needs of mine they could help fill, and I was like, "Nah, I'm good." But then the thought came to me, I need a new job. So I told them, yes, actually, I need a sweet new job. One of them mentioned that her cousin worked for a bank that was hiring. She didn't know a lot about it, but it was something about reviewing other people's work for errors. "That's basically what I do now!" I told her, so she gave me her cousin's info.

I called the cousin and left a message, she called me back, it turned out the position was for mortgage quality assurance. I did loans! I do quality assurance! I'm totally qualified for this job! And it pays nearly 60 percent more than what I was making. That's a lot of money, you guys. In one year I would make enough more to buy a brand new car. A whole car more. And not a crappy base subcompact or something stripped, but a good car, like a good midsized sedan!

I submitted an application online, got a call back a couple weeks later, had a phone interview, got an offer, negotiated the salary a bit, gave my notice. Felt pretty good, although I feel bad for my coworkers left behind, and my poor boss who was on vacation when she got my email giving my two-and-a-half weeks' notice. My last day of work was June 1, last Friday, then I started work on Monday. On Wednesday I found out that my old job sold off the department and all my old coworkers will either have to find new jobs in the next six months or else apply for a transfer with the company, since they don't have any offices in Arizona. Who knows what that will do for their benefits or whatever, but all I know is that I got out at the last possible minute before it all hit the fan. Talk about a miracle!

This has happened before, too. I have the very good fortune to leave jobs right before they get bought out and lay everyone off. Finally it feels like things are working out. Everything's coming up Milhouse!