Sunday, March 18, 2012

keepin on keepin on/starting over

So, it's been a while. Oops. It feels like life is very consistent and uninteresting, so why bother updating? Although plenty has happened:

I ended up taking basically a month off from the gym. Husband wasn't feeling so fabulous and gets, uh, a little clingy when he's under the weather. My coworkers agree that husbands are big babies when the least bit ill. Admittedly, he was quite sick for a couple days, lots of vomiting and whatnot, but what good is me skipping the gym going to do? Kind of undermining my efforts, too.

Anyway, after that I was feeling kind of iffy for a couple days, and was in no mood to exercise. Really in no mood to do anything but sit on the couch and feel sick. Then there was some packing, because we decided to another unit in the complex. Don't ask me why. I hate packing, I reeally hate moving, and I hate unpacking. Basically, unless we win the Powerball or move back to Utah, we aren't moving out of here for a long time. I have no interest in buying a house unless we're bloody well sure this is where we want to stay.

But I've vowed to get back to the gym tomorrow. It's so much harder to go back once you've missed, and being gone several weeks, I'll basically be starting from scratch. But better that than continuing to do nothing, I guess.

How's everyone else's New Year's Resolutions going?


  1. It is so hard to remember to drink a lot of water. And then there is the result when I DO drink a lot of water...
    I like that you are willing to go back. That's a good attitude.

  2. Not great. Some things are okay (it's actually been pretty good for me this year gym-wise), but some things have completely fallen off the table (like school stuff). Maybe this week will be the week that I stop being such a slacker in that area.

  3. Cathie, I don't blame you one bit for the hiatus with everything you've had going on. I hope your husband is feeling much better. We moved to an adjacent unit last summer, and even though we passed half our kitchen supplies through a window, unpacking wasn't an easy task (albeit, the floor plan was identical). I hope you don't have to move anytime soon. Not fun. Don't overdo it at the gym today. Just getting back in there is very applaudable. I'm proud of you!

    Surprisingly, I've done much better with going to bed earlier. But the last few nights I wake up and just lie there for a couple hours before falling back to sleep just after the sun comes up.

    My sister gifted us an AeroGarden (which we love so far), but the bright light comes on at 6:40 every morning, and I think I'm waking up early in anticipation of shutting the bedroom door (we prefer keeping the door open through the night). The first few nights, like an alarm clock the light would wake me up, and, being the light sleeper that I am, I wanted to be in control and wake myself up instead. Our apartment is small enough that there really is no other place to put the AeroGarden, and our bedroom is just a few feet away from the kitchen.

    As far as having more energy to tackle other goals (the main reason I decided to go to bed earlier), yeah, that's not happenin' at all. Oh, well, you do what you can, right?

  4. I was out of commission just for 3 days with this last head cold. I thought I was going to die going back to the gym, but it felt so good. Way to go!

    I like moving for the fact that I can go through all my stuff and dejunk. And then when I unpack I can reorganize.. at least the first few boxes and then I get sick of it and just start throwing things everywhere.

    1. I like organizing/culling through things. But then I get enough boxes unpacked that I can get by, and just shove the rest into the spare room closet. Sigh.


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