Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I don't generally make new year's resolutions, but I think I kind of had to do this one. I did keep it intentionally vague, so that I have a chance of achieving it. I've gotten a little pudgy lately (like, get out the box of clothes that used to be ludicrously overlarge, because they're the only ones that fit now) and I pestered my mom into getting me a 24 Hour Fitness membership for Christmas (two years prepaid from Costco works out to like, $13.33 a month!). And so, dear readers, my resolution this year is simply to lose enough weight that I don't have to buy new underwears. The waist is getting a bit pinchy, and there's nothing worse than ill-fitting undies. So as long as I lose enough weight that I can wear the clothes I already own, I'll consider it a success. Everything else is gravy. Calorie-free, metaphorical gravy.

It's a delicate thing, though, because it's so easy for me to become obsessive about what I weigh or how many calories I've eaten, and I very much don't want to start down that slippery slope. So as my boss called it today, I'm "releasing it to the universe," or what I call making peace. I don't care what I weigh, and I don't care what I eat--within reason. We went to YC's for "Mongolian" bbq today, which has to be at least 1000 delicious delicious calories, so I'mma have to have a more simple dinner. But I'm not going to obsess about it, nope. If I want a handful of "Hershey-ets" (knock off M&Ms) from my stocking, or a glass of Martinelli's before it goes flat, so be it. If I'm going to be crazy, I would prefer it be about something that matters.

So today is day two at the gym. Again, I don't want to overdo it in my enthusiasm. A little sore is fine, a bunch of sweat is great. But I don't want to push it so hard on my first week that I don't want to go back. Fabulous Husband had to work late (a suitable punishment for gloating about his two weeks paid holiday) so I stayed longer than yesterday, but still tried to keep it within my current limits. And then as my fitness improves, I can push it more.

Of course, the other problem is being patient for results. I mean I can't reasonably expect much change after two days. It took me longer than two days to reach this point (although honestly, I can gain weight so much faster than lose it...) so I guess I should at least give it a few weeks before I feel frustrated. I read something somewhere...Pinterest, probably...that it takes four weeks to notice a difference in yourself, eight weeks for others to notice, and...I forget the rest. Point is, be patient.

There's my resolution. It's also a money saver, too, because I have tons of clothes that don't fit and only a few that do, so losing weight would be like a whole new wardrobe again. Bonus!

Anyone else make a resolution?


  1. I love this! You hit some great points that I am constantly reminding myself about. It is one day at a time. You can definitely go crazy on the calories, etc, but I'm already crazy in regards to other things, I don't need something else. Way to go, Cathie! Count me in as a distant cheerleader!

  2. I hope it works out exactly the way you want it to. My resolution is barely related - I'm trying to drink the 64ozs of water recommended by my doctor. It's harder than I thought.

  3. That gym membership was a great bargain. Way to go on working towards your goal, one day at a time! I, too, would prefer to see instant results in lots of things. There are so many resolutions I could have set, but the only one for this year is to go to bed earlier the entire year. You see, I usually stay up past midnight every night. And of the four nights of 2012 that are over with, I did fall asleep before midnight twice. But the other two nights I stayed up till 1 am or 1:30 am. Not such good stats so far, unless it represented my batting average. I'd better brush my teeth and get to sleep soon, or I'll be 2 for 5. You know, healthy, wealthy, and wise? I'm shooting for healthy...and having a clearer mind, hopefully, to tackle other goals, eventually.

  4. Kathleen--Oooh, I love staying up late. My work schedule isn't really conducive to it--I start at 7!--but a late Friday night is the best!

    Jane--What temperature is your water? I love ice water, but I find I drink more when it isn't quite as cold. Easier to slam it down.

    Erin--You are an inspiration! I wish I could have just a fraction of your success!


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