Friday, December 2, 2011


Here's my relationship with exercise:

At work: "I'm totally going to start that Couch to 5k running program when I get home today!"

Leaving work: "Maybe I'll do some yoga afterwards, too! The running thing is only 20 minutes. I could totally get an hour of exercise in before pizza night!"

On the freeway: "That might be too ambitious. I'll just do the running."

Pulling into the parking lot: "Maybe just a brisk walk. Still good for you."

Parking the car: "You know, I think I'll just do some yoga in the spare room."

In the house: "Oh look, my bed. And hey, internet on my phone!"

And this is why the clothes from my "way too big" box are now fitting just right. It's not that I don't want to exercise, it's that my house is kryptonite, draining me of all motivation. Well, that and that pizza night also had donut holes, double stuff oreos, and rollos tonight. I don't buy much junk food, but I make up for it on Fridays.


  1. Which leads me to wonder why our jobs are scheduled right in the middle of the most productive parts of the day. It sure takes away from all the truly important things I could be doing elsewhere.

  2. I have to go straight to the gym from work. It also helps that I'm meeting friends there so if I don't show up they give me a bad time. Make Adam work out with you!

  3. Yeah, going straight from work did help. But I can't get Adam to go with me; he's riding around on a bike all day at work and just wants to sit on his bum all evening. But I'm on my butt all day and need to exercise after work! Really, I need to get a gym membership so that I don't have to go home and then leave again. But I'm too poor at the moment. :(

  4. They should be having some really good deals in a few weeks, when everyone makes the resolution to get back into shape :)

    I'm a shape.. round is a shape.

  5. You can get a two year membership to 24 Hour through Costco for $320. Works out to $13 a month. Pretty hard to beat!


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