Sunday, October 16, 2011

Vacation recap

So, in honor of my 30th birthday this week, we went to Universal Studios in Orlando! It was so much fun. More, strictly speaking, than we could afford, but if we're going to pursue this whole "having a baby" thing, it's possible that we would be in a position even less suited for cross-country travel. Certainly even less able to afford it. Anyway, you only turn 30 once, I don't have enough friends to bother throwing a party (sadface) and my adorable husband likes to spoil me. So we went!

We walked a TON. Maybe I'm just out of condition--well, I know I am, but still, my shins and ankles were so sore. Anyway, lots of walking, lots of sweating (or it might have been so humid that it was just condensing on us, honestly, it was hard to tell. Very humid.). I am too old for all but the mildest of rollercoasters--I blame my previous issues with vertigo; getting shaken around really made me woozy.

The best part, of course, was the small-but-delightful Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We drank butterbeer! It's delicious. It's like cream soda butterscotch ice cream floats. And we got the souvenir cups--$.79 soda refills in both parks, plus now we can re-create the experience at home.

We went on the bestest ride there, the Forbidden Journey, which takes you through the painstakingly reproduced castle. It's totally worth the hour wait.

We took pictures of fun details in Hogsmeade.

We did lots of browsing and bought lots of souvenirs! Most of it Christmas gifts. Two birds, one fairly expensive stone. The keychain is for me, though.

(We actually didn't buy many of the Honeydukes sweets, because they were painfully overpriced. $4.95 for a candy bar? $9.95 for a bag of fizzing whizbees? $12.95 for a jar of sherbet lemons?! They're just glorified lemon drops! And don't get me started on the pumpkin juice. Six dang dollars a bottle!)

Those are pretty much all the photos I have on my phone, and the rest of them are on the husband's computer, but believe me when I say everything was charming and wonderful and I really just wanted to move in there. Totally worth the time and money, just to have gone and done it.


  1. Getting away to someplace like this in honor of your birthday must have been wonderful! You've succeeded in making me want to see the WWofHP even more.

  2. SO GLAD you had a good time. Happy Birthday trip to sunny and wet land and it looks so fun.
    I hear you with the over priced stuff. Especially food. If I'm gonna eat shouldn't cost more than my car payment.


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