Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thirty, flirty, and thriving?

So, today I turned 30. In the grand tradition (I think last year was the only year I've done this on this blog? Let's say it's my tradition as a married woman, eh?) of the year-in-review, let's talk about the past year.

-Moved to Arizona
-Almost immediately had trouble with our renters
-Went on a cruise. Got a little seasick, but mostly liked it
-Visited Mexico on said cruise
-Bought a diamond! In Mexico, for cheap
-Renters broke lease, we got a property manager, things fairly okay
-Spent a couple days in the hospital with Adam's heart out of rhythm
-Adam had his foot re-operated on
-Seriously reconsidered/regretted decision to move
-Got involved with (and subsequently un-involved with) a DJ business
-Used up pretty much all our savings while looking for work
-Got a temp job
-Moved into a condo in Mesa
-Got made permanent, at a rather disappointing pay (but at least with benefits and PTO)
-Took a weekend trip to Prescott. Decided weather is sufficient that I could live there
-Another couple days in the hospital, this time for an ablation--that worked!
-Sister nearly died in a car accident. Lots of related (bad) excitement
-Got a king size bed
-Spent the night helping take care of nieces. Realized I am quickly getting too old for this
-Won two sets of good seats to the Diamondbacks. Left early and missed seeing a grand slam
-Went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

Lots of other stuff happened, I'm sure, but those are the highlights. Not bad, but here's to better.

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  1. Happy Birthday! All the best in your next year.
    I concur, the king sized is nice.


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