Friday, October 28, 2011

My apologies to Josh Groban

I took two years of Spanish in college. That was a lot of Spanish. Unfortunately, it was also a decade ago, sothe hinges are pretty rusty. And I never could understand it at normal speeds. So when I listen to things in Spanish now, it's pretty sketchy translating. For instance, I was listening to Josh Groban's "Closer" on the way home, which has a song in Spanish I actually enjoy. But it gets hilarious when I start translating it. If you have the CD (or Spotify or YouTube get it) this will be even funnier if you put on "Si Volvieras a Mi."

How...something.  How...something. Shoot, it could be "Like." Like...something.

Something about God? Green? End, heart!

If you...something to me. Return maybe? Something about spring. If you return to me, to be...something...but...something.

Despues...after? Did he say rain? Music something. God again? Breasts? No, that's pechas. I don't know what pechos is. It's crazy when love dies. [I think that's the closest I got to a complete sentence, and I'm still not sure it's right.]

If you return to me, something about fire? in spring? If you return to me, something miracle something. But...something.

Etc. As you can see, I can only pick out a word here and there. Of course I would do better actually reading the lyrics, but when you slur the words together--as people tend to do, with their "gotta" and "I'mma"--I'm lost.

I'd really like to improve my Spanish skills. It's definitely useful in Arizona. And it makes me feel less like a spoiled American who doesn't know anything but English. And if I end up going to back to school for English, some programs require a reading proficiency in a second language. So, uh, I'll probably avoid those programs. And it's just cool to be able to speak another language.

Anyway, I've got a lot of other things on my list of skills to develop. Cake decorating, guitar playing, side crow pose, soprano range, enjoying running...there's lots to do. But where to start? Anyone have a guitar I can borrow? Suited for tiny monkey hands? And maybe know how to teach people to play the guitar?

Maybe I'll start on the cake decorating instead.


  1. I do the same thing when they sing in French and - funnily enough - Josh Groban has a few in French and those are very close to the same words I say while driving in my car listening...maybe all his songs say the same thing?

  2. Your translation seems to be 50% accurate and is 100% entertaining (only because I, too, have done similar translations in years past). The only skill I could help you out with in any way is the language one. Cake decorating sounds cool. So does the soprano thing. I remember you already have a beautiful voice! And, that's right, we were fellow altos. At any rate, this skill would probably not be too difficult for you to develop. Wish I played the guitar or at least had one for you to borrow. If ever you feel like tackling the language goal, let me know. Oh, you are so right about "mi corazón". I dare anyone to find a song in Spanish without that blessed phrase ♥♥♥.


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