Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Laundry Situation

Some have wondered how I have arranged it so I do half--less than half, really--of the laundry in our house. There are several reasons, but it all starts with a terrible accident, not long after we were married.

My fabulous husband was helping with the laundry, and put in a load of colors. It was only afterwards that I realized he had taken everything from the basket, including my favorite sweater. Alas, my favorite sweater was made of cashmere. Not expensive cashmere, more like $25 at a Kohl's after-Thanksgiving sale cashmere. But still. My favorite sweater and made of a temperamental fabric.

There was nothing that could be done. The sweater was now sized for children, or perhaps very large dolls. I didn't cry, though I came pretty close. Poor husband was nearly as upset. He ruined my favorite sweater! He happened to have liked that sweater, too! Irreplaceable! So sad.

That was when we decided that we'd do our own colored laundry. We're both working, so it's not like one or the other has more time, and it's not like there's any reason why it should be a task determined by gender. Besides, it's not really my problem if you want a certain item of clothing to be clean. You want it washed, you wash it. As for whites, we do them together (I taught him how to deal with the bras) and whoever is running low on whites does them. How do I know if you're running low on underwears? I'm not! So typically, that means he does them. I'll do them sometimes, but that's just because I'm awesome, since I actually never run low on whites first.

So yeah, that's how laundry works in our house. Very fair and practical. As far as laundry hampers go, we actually use stacking recycling bins, such as you can find on Amazon. Because goodness knows I'm not going to use them for recycling.


  1. Nice. I'm all about systems. We have a system for washing dishes that makes it pretty fair, but sometimes the system breaks down and I get cranky. We need a system for laundry. But sometimes you have to wait for the other person to come up with the system so that they'll be committed to it, you know? Unless that other person doesn't happen to see the need for systems...

  2. P.S. I think I remember the sweater incident. Did you blog about it? Also, I don't know why I used the word "system" in my previous comment. Now it looks weird.

  3. I may have. It was the first Pretty Big Incident. I'm interested in your dishwashing system. I dislike how Adam loads the dishwasher, so it tends to skew towards me doing most of it, currently.

  4. There's the thing do you get him to even WANT to do laundry? (And what is it about gys and their whites? He always runs out before me too! Do they have less? I don't know.) How do you deal with towels and sheets and stuff like that?
    Our dishes system is he empties and I load, otherwise the dishwasher will sit with a full clean load for daaaaaaaays. I'm horrible at getting them out but don't mind putting them in.

  5. Does anyone really ever WANT to do laundry? I do laundry because I WANT clean clothes. Anyway, this went down so early on in the marriage that he was still used to having to do his own. I typically do towels when I run out of dishtowels, and sheets are pretty 50/50.

    My dream setup is two dishwashers--one to take clean ones out of, one to put dirty ones in. No wasting time with the cupboard!


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