Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Learned at a Baseball Game

It doesn't matter if you're pretty--if you're skinny and wear a lot of makeup, guys will flirt with you.

Age-appropriate clothing has nothing to do with your weight.

Although, if you have doughy middle-aged lady legs with lots of varicose veins, short jorts is not the choice for you.

People will give a standing ovation to a pitcher when they pull him out of his first big-league game, even if he screwed up last inning.

Americans may not care about much, or agree on anything, but the national anthem stops people in their tracks.

If you leave early because the game is going slow and is sure to end up in extra innings, you will miss all the excitement. Like a game-winning grand slam in the bottom of the 10th.

But, if it was your husband's idea to leave early, at least you can lord it over him for at least a couple of days.

Even in flavors I don't care for (blue raspberry, gross!) cotton candy is never a bad idea.


  1. That's frustrating you missed the thrilling finish! Interesting observations. For me it's no mystery that the majority of what you learned happened in the stands. Though I loved being in the stadium during the few baseball games I attended, for the life of me I couldn't pay attention to the field. I was alerted to the exciting plays after hearing the roar of the crowd, often completely missing what happened till seeing the replay on the big screen. And the times I attempted to make a concerted effort to "keep my eye on the ball," nothing much went on. From the comfort of my couch I can follow the game a lot better. I hope that you both were able to see worthwhile highlights of the grand slam on TV.

  2. Our seats were really, really good (like, $120/ticket good--free from my work) so you kind of HAD to watch the game, because if a foul ball went the wrong way, you could get beaned. I find I do miss the near-constant, multi-angled TV replays.

  3. There are times I am glad not to have children because then I don't have to shield their eyes from the people in non-age-appropriate clothing or their ears from nasty words.

  4. I'm glad you wrote! I like your blog.

    I haven't had cotton candy in maybe 15 years. I keep wanting some, but I keep finding it in bags and it doesn't seem as appealing as when it's on a stick.


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