Friday, September 30, 2011

Things I Learned at a Baseball Game

It doesn't matter if you're pretty--if you're skinny and wear a lot of makeup, guys will flirt with you.

Age-appropriate clothing has nothing to do with your weight.

Although, if you have doughy middle-aged lady legs with lots of varicose veins, short jorts is not the choice for you.

People will give a standing ovation to a pitcher when they pull him out of his first big-league game, even if he screwed up last inning.

Americans may not care about much, or agree on anything, but the national anthem stops people in their tracks.

If you leave early because the game is going slow and is sure to end up in extra innings, you will miss all the excitement. Like a game-winning grand slam in the bottom of the 10th.

But, if it was your husband's idea to leave early, at least you can lord it over him for at least a couple of days.

Even in flavors I don't care for (blue raspberry, gross!) cotton candy is never a bad idea.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Credit card nonsense

Hi, long time no see. I started writing this as a Google+ update, but it got so long I figured I'd share it here. I can't promise to post more frequently. To quote the Simpsons, "I can't promise I'll try, but I'll try to try." Or will I even try to try? Eh. It's my blog, and I'll not post if I want to.

So anyway, when I logged into my credit card account last Friday, there was a friendly note saying they sent me a new card, and if I didn't get it by the 13th (last Tuesday) to call them. I called to find out why--apparently they've changed the name of my card so I need a new one. Um, okay.

I hadn't received it--and last Friday was the 16th, mind you--so the outsourced, underpaid don't-really-care-about-your-problem Indian said they'd have to close my account and send me one with a new number. I really don't want to deal with that, so I told them I'd see if it came over the weekend and call back on Monday.

I did not call back on Monday because...well...I didn't want to deal with a new card number. As long as no fraudulent charge appeared, I'd hold off a couple days. The mail can be slow. I know; my job revolves around things coming in the mail.

Well, today we finally got our new cards. The post mark date? The 20th. So they told me to expect a new card, and then didn't send it until a week later? After I had to call about it?! Lame.

Here's the best part, though. Not just two new cards (one for me, one for hubs), but four new cards! A Mastercard and an American Express! For each of us! What the heck? How do I suddenly have an American Express account?

Apparently they wanted to give us "the ability to earn cash back even faster." How is two cards going to increase my cash back? My spending is still the same. Besides, it's two cards tied to the same account--one statement, one credit limit, one set of terms. There's literally no reason for both.

The upside, though small, is that Costco only takes American Express. Well, and cash, check, and debit, but I rather prefer to put it all on credit cards. I don't have to keep track of how much money I have or worry about overdraft. Still, I can't really get over how weird it is for a company to arbitrarily send an additional brand of credit card. I'm sure there's a calculated business reason,'s weird. Anyone else just get two new cards from Citi?

ETA: Whoa, somehow the colors got crazied. Should be fixed. Sorry 'bout that.