Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ah, regrets

Among my several regrets lately, I regret not getting a disc of the high resolution copies of our engagement pictures. He gave us a disc, but they weren't high-res. I regret then misplacing that disc. I also regret giving my mother the only disc of our wedding photos. I'm pretty sure she hasn't lost it, so much as long-term misplaced it. But dude. Make a copy.

Along that vein, I rather regret hiring a friend to do our photos and/or letting bridges burn. Yes, well, lots of things I would have done differently if I had known how they would turn out.

Anyway, we had a picture taken on our anniversary cruise, and I've we have decided to have a family photo taken every year for our anniversary. Then we can have a grand wall of Us Through The Years. It's the sort of tradition one has to decide on early on. So even if my mother did actually lose the disc (*ominous fist shake*) it's not like we'll never have more pictures of us.

And speaking of pictures, one final regret: I wish I hadn't gained so much weight the last few months!


  1. I wish we hadn't had tuxes and bridesmaid dresses. Stupid waste of money, and everyone would have been more comfortable in their own clothes.

    I wish I had found my own wedding photographer instead of going with the one my mom wanted.

    I wish I hadn't gained so much weight while I was pregnant. Now I have to lose it, and our baby was still super small.

    I'm sorry about your pictures. I hope they turn out to not be lost.

  2. I regret not getting my hair done professionally before my wedding and I regret not having a veil or tiara.
    I didn't know any photographers then but I still regret not shopping around before going with the one recommended by my MIL.
    I regret getting married before digital so that I have only 35mm negatives and no one works from those any more. I really need to figure out how to get them to digital.

  3. There are negative-to-digital converters, plus companies that will do them for you.

  4. Mom has your pictures, safe and sound. Pick yourself up off the floor and come get them.


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