Friday, June 17, 2011

Who makes the best town car? Cadillac!

Sorry, you really have to have seen High School High. But yes, we just bought a Lincoln LS.

We originally were going to buy a 2004 Chevy Malibu. The dealership it was at was a good ways away, so we called and negotiated a price, because we weren't going to drive to north Scottsdale to look at a car if they weren't going to come down on the price. But we settled on a price and said we were going to leave right away and be there in 40 minutes or so.

We got there, went in and asked for the salesman, and he came out and told us that unfortunately, it had just been sold by their dealership next door. But did we want to look at something else? Um, no. It takes more than 40 minutes to sell a car, and even if they did do it that fast, why didn't he call to tell us it was sold so we could turn around and go home? This is why I hate car salesman. He totally lost our trust with that move.

So we went and looked at another car Adam had liked, but I had several objections to. Then we grabbed some dinner, then stopped on our way home at another dealership, just to see what they had. The salesman pointed out a car right by the door. A 2004 Lincoln LS, roughly the same miles as the Malibu. But more than we were willing to spend, we told him, but we liked it enough that we'd buy it if they could bring it down.  We managed to get it down to just a little more than we would have paid for the Malibu--and this car has way more features. Everything I've ever wanted in a car--telescoping steering wheel, moving pedals, heated and air conditioned! seats, sun roof, power seats with memory settings, etc. You name it, this car probably has it.

It is more car than I was expecting to get. It's not as big as a Town Car, but it has a V8 (!), so the gas mileage will end up being about what we get with our minivan. I'm a very conservative driver, though, so I'm likely to get a little more than my husband would. (Or my dad. We've been carpooling lately, and good heavens, how that man drives. Bless his heart.) Insurance isn't horrible, though a little bit more than my Altima. Hopefully we won't need too many repairs, but as part of the Ford family, it shouldn't be too terrible, right?

Anyway, we're happy. Not to have another car payment (sigh) but to have another car,and one that we like so much. I did really love my little blue car, so I'm glad to have found another one that I like so much. Between that and FH's new job, we're pretty happy with life. Now if we could just get rid of our condo in Utah and I could get pregnant, all my biggest complaints would be solved!

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  1. Nice car. I love my V8. Such a step up from the the 4 I was driving. From putt-putt to VROOOOM.


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