Sunday, June 26, 2011

The serenity prayer

You know the serenity prayer? "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." You know what that means? Don't drive yourself crazy with things you have no control over. I've got a job where they finally are making me permanent, we're in a lease until the end of April, our renters have a lease through February. These are things I cannot change.

You know what I can change? The amount of stuff I have. I'm about ready to get rid of my dining room table. We've eaten at it exactly once since we moved in here the end of April, and that was because the missionaries had dinner with us. And it would be one less thing to deal with when we move again. FH wants to shed the coffee table and side tables as well, although I'm a little more hesitant. I think living rooms tend to look weird without a coffee table. But we're even considering getting rid of our bookcases (they're the discontinued Ikea Agerum, so we'd have to mix them if we needed another) and getting new ones wherever we end up moving. I'd really like to go through every last thing we own and decide if it's actually worth keeping.

I'm not sure why I'm suddenly so taken with the idea of getting rid of things. Is it because I want the flexibility to move (without having to rent a 26 foot moving truck)? Is it because I recently discovered Stuff Project about a girl trying to clear out her family's house of the stuff they've hoarded. The pictures are...distressing. I know we're not even near that point, but it still makes me want to streamline. So much of it is just dead weight. Like the Ann Taylor dress (originally $200!) that I bought at clearance, then gained enough weight that I've yet to remove the tags. We have no need for two sets of husband-sized crutches. It would be one thing if there was one my size and one his, but no. And he can never use more than one at time. Even keeping one seems unnecessary; what are the odds he'll need crutches again?

But yeah. As we look around, we're seeing more and more stuff that we just don't need.


  1. I've been feeling the same way, probably because we're going to be moving again in about a month. I just look around and feel like getting rid of everything, even though we already did a purge before we moved the last time.

  2. Everytime one moves there is a purge and because of the circumstances it just isn't logical or well thought out and sometimes the wrong thing goes. I think having the strength to go through one's stuff before absolutely required to AND being able to throw the right things away is amazing. I want to be you.


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