Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's the pick of the week!

The award for best six dollars I've spent all week goes to the sweater stone!
Sweater Stone

It seems like all my cardigans and most of my sweaters have moderate to severe pilling. I've tried cutting them off with scissors, but that's super time-intensive, and dangerous, since I've been known to accidentally cut things, including myself. (Only once, and just a little.)

Last week a friend mentioned in passing something about having a sweater stone in her laundry kit. I had heard about them before, but totally forgotten. Fortunately our free year of Amazon Prime has not yet expired, so a couple days later, I had a sweater stone of my very own. I've spent the last couple nights making a terrible mess of my living room (you might want to take some quality Outside Time if you try one) but I'm quite satisfied with the results. It's not perfect, but my cardigans look far more presentable than they used to. And I suppose if I didn't wait three years before I use it again, it might look quite good.

So yes. Two thumbs up for the sweater stone. If you want one, I think I get a kickback if you do it through my link. Not that I've ever made anything off Amazon Affiliates, or care either way. I just want to share about a cool new product I've found.


  1. what's the beld on the sweaters? anything not fully synthetic you can freeze first. Example: buyy sweater, wash, do not put in dryer, air dry, then put in freezer. or after you air dry it, you can put it in the closet, but the night before you wear it, freeze it. totally works for me and i have high quality and not high quality sweaters.

  2. The beld? I don't follow.

    They say freezing helps nylons not run, but I've never had that work for me.

  3. What does the sweater stone do? Do I pumice off the pills? Does it have directions?
    I'm open to a lot but I'd hate it to be one of those things that's so easy they don't bother to mention how it works but I can't figure out. There's more of those than you would imagine.

  4. It is like a pumice. I suggest taking a sticky roller (3M all the way!) to it when you're done.

    And it did come with illustrated instructions.


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