Monday, June 6, 2011

Aw, you guys, my friend had her baby! This officially kicks off Baby Summer! Or, All My Friends are Having Babies. I am very happy for each and every one of them. Would like my own, of course, but good for them!

Fabulous Husband has a part time job that pays almost as much per hour as I'm making now. And he has another interview this week. Supposedly he was to start tomorrow, but never heard back from the lady, so...sometime this week probably. They were so desirous to get him in to interview, and now it's kind of radio silence. Odd. But hey. Job!

Of course, now we need another car. Sigh. I hate car shopping. I can't shake the feeling that everyone is trying to rip me off. And I'm not too excited about a new car loan. But it just isn't convenient to rely on my parents, nor do we have any desire to. Self sufficiency--even just in transportation--is a beautiful thing.


  1. Congrats on Adam's job! Is it the security guard position? I'm so excited he found something, especially something that makes decent money.

    Good luck with the car... I hate car shopping!

  2. Now I can tell people I am not the only one who is genuinely happy for her friends having babies despite her lack of ability to produce one thus far. Woot for me!

  3. I know of people who begrudge others their happiness, just because they lack that kind of happiness themselves. It's pretty sad to be so selfish.


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