Saturday, May 28, 2011

It's Cinco de Mayo three times a week

We eat a lot of Mexican food. Seriously. Beans, meat, cheese, tortillas. Four ingredients, a hundred different meals. I buy large containers of sour cream several times a month. We eat so much sour cream that I actually bought a squeeze bottle so we can get perfectly even distribution. If we are out of cheese or sour cream, we literally cannot think of what to eat for dinner. Yes, it's all relatively cheap, but more importantly, it's delicious.

Anyway, I'm here today to talk about taco shells. There are a dozen shells in a box, and two people in our house. Even on my hungriest day, we're not eating an entire box in one meal. It may be two or three weeks before we cycle back around to tacos on our fiesta list, and if not properly stored, taco shells get stale pretty fast. Quel dommage! I hate wasting food. That's why I don't buy much produce--we never eat it all before it goes bad.

But did you know that a few minutes in toaster oven will make your taco shells not just not stale, but even better than when you first opened the package? Hot, crisp, delicious! I may start warming all my taco shells.

I realize I'm not the first person in the world to figure out how to revive stale taco shells (also works for tortilla chips) but I always feel so... successful when I do it. It's not that saving the $.46 is really going to make much of a difference so much as the domestic triumph, I guess. I throw out a lot of leftovers and things, but at least I can save the taco shells. And now you can too.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lost the will

So I officially didn't get that job I wanted. But I will eventually have the promotion go through and won't feel the need to eat only from our food storage. Until then, though, I'll avoid looking at my Mint account, because I don't want to see how ridiculous out of budget we are this month. It doesn't help that we sent FH to Utah for a friend's wedding.

It was just a quick trip, all of 30 hours, maybe. I would have like to have gone, but we definitely couldn't afford for us both to fly up, and I don't have paid time off, so I had to stay home and pay the bills. The best part, though, is that he got sick a couple days before he was going to go. Great. Can't get on a plane when you can't stop vomiting, and can't get a refund. But then he started to feel better. Awesome! He can go after all! But then he gets there and feels worse in the middle of the night and ends up having to go to the ER because he's so dehydrated and still going to try to make the wedding. So that was a crazy adventure.

I can't find any of my zillion hair rubber bands and haven't bought more yet, so I've been actually doing my hair. Kind of. It still only takes all of three minutes, but it's far more than I usually do. I'd take a picture, but...I also ran out of foundation and haven't been wearing any the last week or two. I look okay, but I try to keep makeup-less pictures to a minimum.

What else, what else? Troubles with our dryer. Landlady is a bit of a...well, any way, she refuses to cover washer/dryer issues, dryer doesn't work too swell, she won't take them out so we can put in our own. We did manage to get her to pay for a new switch. "The old tenants never said there was a problem with the dryer! I'm sure they would have!" Um, the scratches indicate that they were turning it on with pliers, so it's not like this is new. Why would they bother to tell you the dryer wasn't working when you refuse to do anything about it?

According to the Arizona laws regarding landlords--which I looked up--she is obliged to maintain the appliances in the unit. It doesn't say specifically which appliances, or if she's able to exclude any, and I don't really want to get into it. So...yeah. Hrmph and blah.

Addicted to the game Paradise Island on our phones. Stay up way too late playing it.

See, not much interesting going on. I guess there's stuff, but I've just lost the will to blog. I don't know what's up. I guess it's that I'm actually busy at work and don't have the time to sit around all day, blogging. Those were the days. Not that I enjoyed having nothing to do, but it was nice to have some down time to fill as I saw fit.

Anyway, yeah. What's new with you?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A month?

So, um, hi. Remember me? Apparently it's been a month since last we met.

And much has happened. The job I interviewed (and interviewed) for hasn't officially said no, but after several weeks not hearing from them, I called and was informed that they added additional interviews. Um, whaa? Why? If they wanted to hire me, there should be no need for more interviews.  So, not promising.

And we moved. It's a long story, which you're welcome to email me and ask about if you actually care to know, otherwise suffice it to say we're living in a quaint/cozy/petite/unlarge apartment. Condo, technically. There are several for sale in the complex for so, so cheap. We like it well enough, and there are lots of pools, sports courts, etc. People are pretty quiet, although the child upstairs seems to enjoy running occasionally.

And if the renter does actually buy our place (fingers crossed!) we would seriously consider buying something. It turns out a large lot and yard is not something I value, so the recent explosion in the housing market could work out really well for me. With a mortgage payment of two or three hundred bucks, it would free up capital for baby-having and school-going. And early-retiring? And then we could actually rent it and make a profit, which is an interesting concept I'd like to pursue. Certainly better than renting and losing money, anyway.

And they sacked the Robot at work who drives me crazy. Correction. Drove me crazy. They were looking to fill her position, and the team lead had the clever idea that it would be easier to promote me than train someone new. They interviewed someone today that they really like, so once we get her trained, I'll get to move to the other position. The permanent position. That pays more.

And maybe it's not my dream job, and maybe I'll end up not liking it, but benefits (not great, but better than none) and permanence and (not a lot, but still) more money? I'll take it.