Friday, March 25, 2011

WiR, volume III

How do the weeks go so quickly? I feel like I just did Week in Review volume II, and it's already time for volume III.

Slept on an air mattress in the living room all week. Could have slept in my own deliciously comfortable bed, but FH is still on the couch and I wanted to be near him.  (Awwww!) Not the best week's sleep, but I've had worse. And it would be so sad to miss those few--or several--minutes after the lights go out, when we talk in the dark about our days or our plans or feelings or whatever.

So being on the air mattress makes it no big deal that we have so many house guests and we're letting FH's parents sleep in our room. He was exceptionally surprised when they arrived yesterday, although I missed his reaction by approximately eight minutes. "You couldn't wait in the car?" I asked. No, no they couldn't. Too excited. I can't blame them.

Anyway, we've got them, plus FH's sister and her roommate arrived today. Six people, one bathroom, three beds (and a couch and an air mattress). Kind of crazy, but not too bad. Until everyone wanted to go to bed and needed pillows. The in-laws were using four between the two of them, so they begrudgingly surrendered half of them to the latest arrivals. But then the ones they had weren't soft enough or were too low or whatever, so the body pillow from the foot stack was reassigned to the master bedroom...and on it goes.

Word of advice: if you are going on a road trip and are staying at someone's house (versus a hotel), bring your own pillows. Most people do not have an extraordinary amount of pillows above those they use nightly, and their guest pillows may not meet your needs for firmness or thickness. If you're already in the car, toss your pillow in the backseat--especially if you are particular about pillows or own some sort of fancypants high-tech pillow.

But everyone has a pillow and blanket and some sort of bed, so there'd best be no complaints. Unless from me, the one sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, who will be woken up each time someone gets up to pee during the night (because no one can hold it for eight hours except me, apparently) and then when they get up before dawn to go hiking, or at dawn to get ready to go out to breakfast.

Still, it's worth it. My poor husband was missing his family so much, and is so happy they're here. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Even better, though, is the email I got this afternoon, informing me of my appointment time for a second interview on April 5. Do you know what this means? It's highly likely I'll be getting the job! Which means more money and benefits and shorter commute! And more money and benefits means school for FH and...fertility doctors for me? What it really means is security. More than being a temp, anyway.

Oh, and I finally heard back from the cruise line about them losing my glasses. They couldn't find them, so they wanted a copy of the dated receipt from when I bought them. In 2005. It took me about four minutes to find it. People mock me for keeping everything--I've had a filing cabinet since I was in junior high--but it proves useful over and over again. Between whatever pittance of a reimbursement they're likely to send and the Groupon today for a local optical store, I should be able to replace my glasses for practically nothing. But I have to do it soon, because my prescription expires in a couple weeks.

So, yes. On balance, a good week. Things looking up, up, up.


  1. At the very least, don't get upset if one has to share someone else's pillows with other relatives. It's their daughter the pillows went to yes?

  2. Yes, good point, it was their daughter. But really, there should have been zero pillow problems, because everyone COULD have brought their own pillow. Sigh. Whatever.

  3. Congratulations on the second interview!


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