Saturday, March 19, 2011

WIR, volume II

Portions of the following were written throughout the week, so it may be a little choppy.

Our water had to be turned off Monday night. Showered at my parents', brushed our teeth from cups. Emergency preparedness needs some work.

I was fussing over how to tell my manager that I was going to be out of the office for a few hours without mentioning that I was going on an interview. I sent an email about having an appointment at the inconvenient hour of 11, and made a joke about the early bird getting the good appointment times--in the hopes that it would distract from the fact that I didn't say doctor appointment. She replied and said "Sure, as long as you're not leaving us. :)" Ugh. Aaaaawkaaaaard.

But the interview on Tuesday went pretty well, although their skills test was a little...hinky. I don't know when I'll find out if I get a second interview. My manager pulled me aside today to say that I'm doing really well and they'd love to keep me on permanently, depending on business, new clients, etc. But she understands if I take something else and just keep her in the loop and give her a heads-up so they can coordinate training my replacement, etc. So that was cool.

I realized on the way home from work that day that it's probably possible to find my blog with my email address. Not that I have anything particularly incriminating on here, but I'd really like to control how prospective employers learn about me--and what. So I cracked down on the search settings on blogger, and hopefully that will help.

On Wednesday my friend said they called her for a reference check, which is promising. But I haven't heard from them, so that's bad. So...fingers crossed for Monday. My current job is hard on my hands.

Picked up my ring on Wednesday. Woo! It cost half as much to get it set as the diamond itself. (Buying cheap diamond in Mexico FTW!)


It's a round brilliant with a four-prong setting on a rather narrow band. It's narrower and taller than my wedding band, but I think they work together pretty well. I spent half of the staff meeting on Thursday looking at my ring. I wasn't really a part of what they were discussing, anyway, plus it's so pretty!

FH had foot surgery yesterday. I know what you're thinking, didn't he have foot surgery last year? Yes, yes he did. But it didn't quite take, so they did it again.

The best part, though, was when my mom texted me and said the anesthesiologist thought he might have sleep apnea. Really? Because I've been saying that for...oh, how long have we been married now?

But sleep apnea can cause heart problems. I don't know that it is necessarily the source of his a fib, but it's definitely the source of his fatigue.

Quite a bit of progress on the hall bathroom today, and a fair amount last night. Plus last night was cement pond maintenance. Honestly, the koi pond at work is less green than our pool right now.

I have a recipe for copycat Paradise Bakery lemon cookies, which I'm considering making this evening when things quiet down a little around here. It's not exaggerating too much to say that it's SHEER CHAOS around here. But if it turns out to be super delicious and reasonably equivalent, perhaps a recipe tag might pop up in the not-too-distant future.

I haven't really accomplished anything today, besides washing my hair and picking up McDonalds. Well, I did make the bed, but that was easy because FH slept on the couch, and I'm not the one who likes to cocoon in the covers when alone in bed. I got out, pulled the corner back up, put the decorative pillows on and voila! Eight seconds.

Incidentally, a blogger who writes "wallah!" or the like when they mean "voila" is in serious danger of being unread by me. Abused apostrophes, too. I don't know what's so hard about making words plural. Banana, bananas. Avocado, avocados. Potato, potatoes. I know it gets a little tricky with CDs and DVDs, but I think that if we all really buckle down and practice, we can master this first grade concept. (I will accept it when pluralizing letters, though, because As and A's are rather different.)

Sorry. Grammar rant. It's just that it grates on my nerves. It's the text equivalent of nails on chalkboards.

That's probably about it. Can't think of anything else interesting to say, so I'll end with some highlights from Stereotypical Black Woman at work for your enjoyment.

"I'm going to send a strongly worded text message to baby Jesus."

"Gordon Ramsey is my sweet, gentle lover. He's such a gentle soul."

"Splenda is from the baby Jesus!"


  1. Love the ring! Congratulations!

  2. So many options to comment on.
    1. Pretty ring!
    2. Sucks when the husband is laid up.
    3. I hear you on the grammar though there are times when I don't proof my comments enough and I post a mistake and then I hate myself.
    4. Good luck with the job interviews. There's a plan in there somewhere.


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