Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week in Review

I feel like my week results in enough interesting material for one post, so this will be a random week in review hodgepodge. It seems all I talk about lately is jobs. (I interviewed for and did not get one job this past week, but also got a call on Wednesday to interview for the job I REALLY want, so fingers crossed for Tuesday.) We've They have been spending a lot of time working on redoing the bathroom, which would be really swell if it was done since everyone and their roommate from California is descending on us this coming weekend and we only have one working bathroom out of three. (Spoiler alert! My inlaws are coming to surprise FH for his birthday. He doesn't read my blog.)

Speaking of renovations, I feel like I'm living in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I want to hang up some art and stuff so that I feel like I'm actually living here and not just squatting. But to hang up decorations, the walls need to be repainted. But to paint, we need to have re-textured the ceiling. But to re-texture the ceiling, we need to move the furniture downstairs. But to move the furniture downstairs, we need to fix the hole in the ceiling. (I guess technically we don't need to fix the hole, but then we'd have to move it BACK upstairs while we fix the hole, then BACK downstairs. Sigh.) But to fix the hole in the ceiling, we need to finish the bathrooms (because there seems to be a leak). And we--hubs and I--are not capable of doing that ourselves. Eh, most of it we can't do by ourselves, but plumbing is entirely outside our realm of ability.

Not that things couldn't be much worse. Not that they haven't been worse, and recently. I'm just tired of feeling like I'm living in limbo. And I apparently like to whine.

I'm..uh...not a very patient person. Waiting for job interviews, answers on job interviews, rent checks, home repairs, doctor appointments and test results--it just seems like we have to wait for everything. We had to wait several months to get my diamond set into a ring and now I have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. I'm tired of waiting. I want something to happen now. Noooow! /tantrum

Lately I feel like baking, but I also feel pudgy, so making cinnamon rolls or cookies doesn't really seem ideal. Plus I seem to be perilously low on butter. I really ought to go to the grocery store, especially since FH is having foot surgery this week (AGAIN.) and will need things that don't need to be cooked or refrigerated.

What else? I've given up nothing for Lent. I'm not Catholic, so there's no religious obligation. But I've started exercising. Not every day, but most days. See? I've given up doing nothing! I figure it's better to start something that will improve me than to temporarily give up something I like.


  1. Plus, for me exercise helps me feel less stressed/worried/cranky.

    Yay for your new ring! I'd love to see a picture/description!

    Good luck with all the waiting suckiness.

  2. Have I said this to you before? The waiting is the hardest part. I really don't mind waiting, as long as I know how long I will have to wait for. It bugs me that life does not have a definitive timeline.

  3. It's so true! Waiting "until we can afford it" is much worse than waiting"until our tax refund deposits in two wweeks"


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