Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm cool with real science, though.

So the other day at work they were trading ridiculous food-related pseudo-science. I find it all so ridiculous. My favorite was when someone said she doesn't drink milk because we're the only mammals who drink milk past infancy, so naturally that's wrong.

Um, we drink another mammal's milk. We don't drink breast milk past infancy and, for the most part, don't eat breast milk ice cream. We milk cows (and goats and sheep and camels, maybe?) to drink their milk, and that is totally different. And does that mean she's not going eat cheese or butter or anything made with milk? Because if you've got a problem with drinking milk, shouldn't that apply equally to milk products?

Not only that, but why does it matter what the other mammals do? I don't see otters making bread, or monkeys manning a barbecue. And with the exception of dogs, you don't see many mammals wearing raincoats, either. I'm tired of people comparing humans to animals and being surprised that we're different. We have thumbs, dagnabit! THUMBS!


  1. I love that I just had this conversation with a co-worker! She doesn't eat any dairy, so it did make it a harder argument, but maybe if I would have used the rest of your points I would have won ;) love the monkeys & burgers!

  2. Check out this website:
    And then watch the video in the Cats With Thumbs section. So funny!

  3. I don't think the argument about other mammals not drinking milk is particularly important, but I do think people should be aware that drinking milk isn't natural for most adults in the world. The ability to digest lactose as an adult is an evolved trait that many European peoples have, but people descended from Asian, African, and other (basically non-European) populations don't have it and don't deal well with milk in their diets.


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