Friday, March 25, 2011

WiR, volume III

How do the weeks go so quickly? I feel like I just did Week in Review volume II, and it's already time for volume III.

Slept on an air mattress in the living room all week. Could have slept in my own deliciously comfortable bed, but FH is still on the couch and I wanted to be near him.  (Awwww!) Not the best week's sleep, but I've had worse. And it would be so sad to miss those few--or several--minutes after the lights go out, when we talk in the dark about our days or our plans or feelings or whatever.

So being on the air mattress makes it no big deal that we have so many house guests and we're letting FH's parents sleep in our room. He was exceptionally surprised when they arrived yesterday, although I missed his reaction by approximately eight minutes. "You couldn't wait in the car?" I asked. No, no they couldn't. Too excited. I can't blame them.

Anyway, we've got them, plus FH's sister and her roommate arrived today. Six people, one bathroom, three beds (and a couch and an air mattress). Kind of crazy, but not too bad. Until everyone wanted to go to bed and needed pillows. The in-laws were using four between the two of them, so they begrudgingly surrendered half of them to the latest arrivals. But then the ones they had weren't soft enough or were too low or whatever, so the body pillow from the foot stack was reassigned to the master bedroom...and on it goes.

Word of advice: if you are going on a road trip and are staying at someone's house (versus a hotel), bring your own pillows. Most people do not have an extraordinary amount of pillows above those they use nightly, and their guest pillows may not meet your needs for firmness or thickness. If you're already in the car, toss your pillow in the backseat--especially if you are particular about pillows or own some sort of fancypants high-tech pillow.

But everyone has a pillow and blanket and some sort of bed, so there'd best be no complaints. Unless from me, the one sleeping on an air mattress in the living room, who will be woken up each time someone gets up to pee during the night (because no one can hold it for eight hours except me, apparently) and then when they get up before dawn to go hiking, or at dawn to get ready to go out to breakfast.

Still, it's worth it. My poor husband was missing his family so much, and is so happy they're here. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Even better, though, is the email I got this afternoon, informing me of my appointment time for a second interview on April 5. Do you know what this means? It's highly likely I'll be getting the job! Which means more money and benefits and shorter commute! And more money and benefits means school for FH and...fertility doctors for me? What it really means is security. More than being a temp, anyway.

Oh, and I finally heard back from the cruise line about them losing my glasses. They couldn't find them, so they wanted a copy of the dated receipt from when I bought them. In 2005. It took me about four minutes to find it. People mock me for keeping everything--I've had a filing cabinet since I was in junior high--but it proves useful over and over again. Between whatever pittance of a reimbursement they're likely to send and the Groupon today for a local optical store, I should be able to replace my glasses for practically nothing. But I have to do it soon, because my prescription expires in a couple weeks.

So, yes. On balance, a good week. Things looking up, up, up.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Please excuse the heartless practicality of a crotchety old woman

Apparently there was a "silent blog for Japan" day this week. I'm sure the people of Japan feel soooo much better because you didn't update your blog about refinishing furniture from Goodwill. Bracelets, bumper stickers, Facebook statuses, pins...blah.

I am generally opposed to making empty gestures. For example, I think Earth Hour is ridiculous. It doesn't really make a difference in electricity consumption. It doesn't really do anything except make people feel warm and fuzzy for doing something they think is "green." If you want to make a difference, plant a tree or otherwise do something.

WIR, volume II

Portions of the following were written throughout the week, so it may be a little choppy.

Our water had to be turned off Monday night. Showered at my parents', brushed our teeth from cups. Emergency preparedness needs some work.

I was fussing over how to tell my manager that I was going to be out of the office for a few hours without mentioning that I was going on an interview. I sent an email about having an appointment at the inconvenient hour of 11, and made a joke about the early bird getting the good appointment times--in the hopes that it would distract from the fact that I didn't say doctor appointment. She replied and said "Sure, as long as you're not leaving us. :)" Ugh. Aaaaawkaaaaard.

But the interview on Tuesday went pretty well, although their skills test was a little...hinky. I don't know when I'll find out if I get a second interview. My manager pulled me aside today to say that I'm doing really well and they'd love to keep me on permanently, depending on business, new clients, etc. But she understands if I take something else and just keep her in the loop and give her a heads-up so they can coordinate training my replacement, etc. So that was cool.

I realized on the way home from work that day that it's probably possible to find my blog with my email address. Not that I have anything particularly incriminating on here, but I'd really like to control how prospective employers learn about me--and what. So I cracked down on the search settings on blogger, and hopefully that will help.

On Wednesday my friend said they called her for a reference check, which is promising. But I haven't heard from them, so that's bad. So...fingers crossed for Monday. My current job is hard on my hands.

Picked up my ring on Wednesday. Woo! It cost half as much to get it set as the diamond itself. (Buying cheap diamond in Mexico FTW!)


It's a round brilliant with a four-prong setting on a rather narrow band. It's narrower and taller than my wedding band, but I think they work together pretty well. I spent half of the staff meeting on Thursday looking at my ring. I wasn't really a part of what they were discussing, anyway, plus it's so pretty!

FH had foot surgery yesterday. I know what you're thinking, didn't he have foot surgery last year? Yes, yes he did. But it didn't quite take, so they did it again.

The best part, though, was when my mom texted me and said the anesthesiologist thought he might have sleep apnea. Really? Because I've been saying that for...oh, how long have we been married now?

But sleep apnea can cause heart problems. I don't know that it is necessarily the source of his a fib, but it's definitely the source of his fatigue.

Quite a bit of progress on the hall bathroom today, and a fair amount last night. Plus last night was cement pond maintenance. Honestly, the koi pond at work is less green than our pool right now.

I have a recipe for copycat Paradise Bakery lemon cookies, which I'm considering making this evening when things quiet down a little around here. It's not exaggerating too much to say that it's SHEER CHAOS around here. But if it turns out to be super delicious and reasonably equivalent, perhaps a recipe tag might pop up in the not-too-distant future.

I haven't really accomplished anything today, besides washing my hair and picking up McDonalds. Well, I did make the bed, but that was easy because FH slept on the couch, and I'm not the one who likes to cocoon in the covers when alone in bed. I got out, pulled the corner back up, put the decorative pillows on and voila! Eight seconds.

Incidentally, a blogger who writes "wallah!" or the like when they mean "voila" is in serious danger of being unread by me. Abused apostrophes, too. I don't know what's so hard about making words plural. Banana, bananas. Avocado, avocados. Potato, potatoes. I know it gets a little tricky with CDs and DVDs, but I think that if we all really buckle down and practice, we can master this first grade concept. (I will accept it when pluralizing letters, though, because As and A's are rather different.)

Sorry. Grammar rant. It's just that it grates on my nerves. It's the text equivalent of nails on chalkboards.

That's probably about it. Can't think of anything else interesting to say, so I'll end with some highlights from Stereotypical Black Woman at work for your enjoyment.

"I'm going to send a strongly worded text message to baby Jesus."

"Gordon Ramsey is my sweet, gentle lover. He's such a gentle soul."

"Splenda is from the baby Jesus!"

Monday, March 14, 2011


Suppose your water was turned off. Maybe because you're working on one of the bathrooms and there's a leak but your expertise has a terrible migraine so you can't finish it so you have to turn your water off so that the pipe doesn't pop and destroy your already destroyed bathroom. It could happen. Trust me.

So how do you brush  your teeth? Go to the bathroom? Make dinner? Shower?

In Utah, we were good enough friends with our neighbors that we could have justed pop over there. Here my parents are one neighborhood over and my sister a couple miles away. We have a couple gallons of drinking water, and lots of options, but it definitely brought home the need for water storage as part of one's emergency preparedness.

So, um, yeah. Now would be a good time to figure out where you would shower if your water had to be turned off.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week in Review

I feel like my week results in enough interesting material for one post, so this will be a random week in review hodgepodge. It seems all I talk about lately is jobs. (I interviewed for and did not get one job this past week, but also got a call on Wednesday to interview for the job I REALLY want, so fingers crossed for Tuesday.) We've They have been spending a lot of time working on redoing the bathroom, which would be really swell if it was done since everyone and their roommate from California is descending on us this coming weekend and we only have one working bathroom out of three. (Spoiler alert! My inlaws are coming to surprise FH for his birthday. He doesn't read my blog.)

Speaking of renovations, I feel like I'm living in If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I want to hang up some art and stuff so that I feel like I'm actually living here and not just squatting. But to hang up decorations, the walls need to be repainted. But to paint, we need to have re-textured the ceiling. But to re-texture the ceiling, we need to move the furniture downstairs. But to move the furniture downstairs, we need to fix the hole in the ceiling. (I guess technically we don't need to fix the hole, but then we'd have to move it BACK upstairs while we fix the hole, then BACK downstairs. Sigh.) But to fix the hole in the ceiling, we need to finish the bathrooms (because there seems to be a leak). And we--hubs and I--are not capable of doing that ourselves. Eh, most of it we can't do by ourselves, but plumbing is entirely outside our realm of ability.

Not that things couldn't be much worse. Not that they haven't been worse, and recently. I'm just tired of feeling like I'm living in limbo. And I apparently like to whine.

I'm..uh...not a very patient person. Waiting for job interviews, answers on job interviews, rent checks, home repairs, doctor appointments and test results--it just seems like we have to wait for everything. We had to wait several months to get my diamond set into a ring and now I have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. I'm tired of waiting. I want something to happen now. Noooow! /tantrum

Lately I feel like baking, but I also feel pudgy, so making cinnamon rolls or cookies doesn't really seem ideal. Plus I seem to be perilously low on butter. I really ought to go to the grocery store, especially since FH is having foot surgery this week (AGAIN.) and will need things that don't need to be cooked or refrigerated.

What else? I've given up nothing for Lent. I'm not Catholic, so there's no religious obligation. But I've started exercising. Not every day, but most days. See? I've given up doing nothing! I figure it's better to start something that will improve me than to temporarily give up something I like.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Scenes from an American department store

How do you feel about non-gender specified fitting rooms? I can think of several stores where everyone uses the same central fitting rooms, and I'm not really bothered by it.

But. We were shopping this evening at a store with multiple dressing rooms in the various sections, although none of them were specifically marked as "women's fitting rooms" or anything like that. I specifically checked. It just said "fitting rooms." Or "dressing rooms." I'm not really clear on that part, because the specific term they use isn't really significant, so much as the lack of gender designation.

I'm not really a fan of trotting out in my bare feet to show off whatever dubious item I'm trying on, so I generally just have Fabulous Husband hang out in the fitting room with me. No big deal, right? Well, apparently two women in the fitting room thought it was a very big deal, to the point that they complained to an employee, who was then obliged to inform FH of it when he went to fetch me a different size. (It may not help that I was trying to get him to try on the shorts I had just tried on and said "Take off your pants!" to him. Still, if they could hear that, they could hear the rest of the conversation, so it's still not a big deal.) Apparently they were SO uncomfortable with hearing his voice that they just could bring themselves to use the same fitting room. Nevermind that he is in the cubicle with me, they can't see him, he can't see them, and there were eight or ten empty cubicles for them to choose from--including ones very far away from us.

I don't really have a point to this story, except that it was a funny yet ridiculous scene at the department store this evening. And maybe that perhaps all clothing stores should have signs indicating that their are single-gendered, or warning that they are for use by all shoppers. And that some people clearly did not take their chill pill with dinner.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

new new jobs

I took a very long lunch on Friday to go do a basic math skills and reading comprehension test for a possible new job. It is also temp-to-hire (like my current job) but it's at a company I'd actually like to work for. And I'd have alternating three and four day work weeks, which is really worth something. I think I'd rather work three extra-crappy twelve hour days than five regularly-crappy eight hour days.

The tests were ridiculous easy. I watched the lady administering it, because I was curious to see if she would keep track of the order we finished. I'm pretty sure she did, because I was the first one done and the first one she called in to discuss interview appointment times. So today for lunch I went to interview for a new job. I think it went pretty well. Still temp, still probably kind of dull, but better than what I'm doing now. And once I go full time, I'd be on Pretty Darn Easy Street. Possibly even be able to swing having a newborn around the house? Of course, that would require pills and miracles, but still. I wants a baby, and a better job is step one of one zillion to making that happen.

I have this weird personality thing that makes me feel bad when I'm thinking about leaving a job. Why? That's what people do when they find something that's better for them. We take jobs because they're the most fulfilling, best paying, most conveniently located or scheduled, etc. It doesn't matter if the people are nice or really need your help. That is not my problem. As a temp, I'm not obliged to give them two week's notice. Frankly, I think it would be less awkward to just leave and say, "Um, and I'm not coming back on Monday," but then I'd feel bad about leaving them in the lurch. So it's just kind of strange in general. The important thing, though, is finding a job that's better. Once they make an offer, I'll deal with how to leave the old one. I'm just no good at quitting.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm cool with real science, though.

So the other day at work they were trading ridiculous food-related pseudo-science. I find it all so ridiculous. My favorite was when someone said she doesn't drink milk because we're the only mammals who drink milk past infancy, so naturally that's wrong.

Um, we drink another mammal's milk. We don't drink breast milk past infancy and, for the most part, don't eat breast milk ice cream. We milk cows (and goats and sheep and camels, maybe?) to drink their milk, and that is totally different. And does that mean she's not going eat cheese or butter or anything made with milk? Because if you've got a problem with drinking milk, shouldn't that apply equally to milk products?

Not only that, but why does it matter what the other mammals do? I don't see otters making bread, or monkeys manning a barbecue. And with the exception of dogs, you don't see many mammals wearing raincoats, either. I'm tired of people comparing humans to animals and being surprised that we're different. We have thumbs, dagnabit! THUMBS!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I recently cut back on my caffeine consumption

Fabulous Husband gives me crap about playing on my computer while we watch movies or TV on DVD, but if I don't, I fall asleep! I was in the mood for "How to Train Your Dragon" yesterday, and I tried so hard to stay awake. I did really well for most the movie, but I tripped at the finish line and fell asleep just for the big battle. Ugh. And like usual, I woke up just in time for the end credits. So I'm writing this while we watch NCIS. All I've heard so far is some smirking as he read the opening lines over my shoulder. I'm kind of annoyed that I missed the end of the movie last night, but I'm going to say it was a strategic move to keep him off my back about my multitasking interneting. It's hard to get everything done when you actually work all day you're at work.