Friday, February 25, 2011

Week in review

Are you familiar with the Judgmental Bookseller Ostrich? I wasn't, but some of them are quiet amusing.

I don't have much interesting to say lately. Same old, same old--got a job, makes my eyes/head/hands/arms/feet/back/everything ache. Still looking and applying for better jobs. Still not pregnant. Things are better if not great. Booooooring. I'm working 7:30 to 4, which is great. Traffic is better, and I feel like I have time when I get home to hang out and do stuff, rather than get home, eat dinner, go to bed. Plus on days when traffic is really good--like Fridays, which always seem to be lighter--I get there early and therefore get to leave early. I don't work for free.

I've considered jotting down and sharing with you the amusing things said by Stereotypical Black Lady, but is that maybe offensive?  She's hilarious, though! She declared Mondays "Talk like Oprah Day" but she makes every day talk like Oprah day, and she doesn't even realize it. "JAAAAAAAAAYSOOOOOOON!" Anyway, the stories aren't as funny without the accent.  Like yesterday, when they were discussing breakfast burritos and she was pronouncing the Spanish words so hilariously. "This one is way-voes, jam-moan, why pappas." Huevos, jamon, y papas. Even the Korean kid pronounces Spanish better than she does.

There was a great line the other day, though it still isn't as great in text as in person. The manager had asked if she should bring in bagels the next day. "Only if you can find one with no carbs," says the woman on the ridiculous no carb diet. "Girl," says Stereotypical Black Lady, "When they're free, they're all no-carb!" It's true, though. Diets seem to go out the window when someone else is paying.

Anyway, we didn't end up having bagels. Instead she brought croissants from Essence Bakery, and holy cow it was so much better. I know most of you, dear readers, don't live in Arizona, but they are so amazingly delicious that should you ever come to town, might I suggest you stop and get a croissant? Even No-carb Girl couldn't resist. At first she just cut one in half, but after she inhaled it, she went back and finished it. Mmm. So good.

In other news, I think I need to stop eating ice cream. I've had it thrice in the last week, and twice it resulted in what I like to call "Troubles." I've always been somewhat intolerant of lactose, but now I appear to be entirely intolerant. It's sad. So, so sad. Maybe I'll just have to replace it with croissants....


  1. I do love a well constructed croissant. And funny black ladies are my favorite. At work.

  2. Mmmm croissants.

    Sorry about the troubles and everything else. But I'm glad there are people at work you can laugh at.


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