Saturday, February 12, 2011

New jobs

You know what I love about new jobs? It's always like they're surprised to see you. Even though they told you when to show up, they're invariable ill-prepared. "Oh, you're here. We don't have a computer for you yet."  "Here's your new email address, except that's not actually your email address; turns out username is not your email. Whoops!" "We're going to have this person show you what to do, even though she's actually not really good at training people." "No one will explain the dress code, where to park, or attitudes about personal cell phone use to you." "Here are some more acronyms you're sure not to understand!"

My job really isn't that bad. Everyone is super nice, and it's a fun environment so far. People even invite me to eat lunch with them! It's so weird not to eat alone. There have been some hiccups, but it's pretty good, considering that the work itself is kind of supremely boring. At least there's pretty much always something do to. Being bored sucks.

It's weird, though, because I'm The Temp. (Although it seems like a couple other people are also from staffing agencies.) They could let me go at any time, which is an unsettling impermanence. The girl I'm kind of taking over for was there for six months before they made her permanent. The benefits through the staffing agency are crap. ($250 a month for ridiculously low insurance coverage? You could practically self-insure, as long as you stay out of the hospital.) It's...not ideal. I even warned one of them at lunch that I was there until a better offer came through. I still have a lot of outstanding (recent) applications that I haven't heard back on. Some have been long enough that I don't think I will hear back, but a couple I still hold hope for. One I'd like because of the shift, one because of the benefits. Free flights, anyone?

Anyway, I'm not feeling crushing panic, so that's good. Little successes can be big reliefs. Not exactly carving one's niche on the edifice of time, but that'll do, pig. That'll do.


  1. I love that you closed with that quote. So awesome.
    What exactly do you do such that I can pray coherently for you to find a job that you like and that likes you too?

  2. Well, I was an executive assistant in Utah. Now I'm doing invoice processing. I would like to get back into editing/proofreading/copywriting type stuff. My favorite job was actually writing tutor when I was in college. And I'm often drawn to jobs with 12-hour shifts. I like the idea of more consecutive time off. So...yeah. I just want something I'll enjoy that would pay enough to live off and maybe save a little.

  3. I still vote for police or fire/ems dispatcher. Or become a nurse...I just found out that my friend makes around 70,000. I had no idea they can make so much.

    I'm glad things are going okay, and I hope they get better soon. :)

  4. I'm not sure how I'd like being a dispatcher. It seems stressful/depressing. I've considered becoming a nurse, but I'm really looking for jobs that don't require a completely new degree! They do generally do pretty well, though.


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