Friday, January 28, 2011

Links about unhappiness

Google Reader recently recommended this article to me. Written by a Baptist pastor, he refers to a Slate article about how Facebook is making us sad and suggests that we do the same thing at church. We try to look with-it and happy, we overestimate others' happiness, and we end up feeling like everyone's lives are better. So when things in your own life are meh, you look around and see how happy everyone else is (or seems, anyway) and feel even worse. The Slate article also refers to this Washington Post article about infertile women struggling with the happy pregnant people on Facebook. I feel that; pretty much all my friends are pregnant and had zero trouble with it. And while I'm very happy for them, it makes me feel even worse. (Incidentally, I really don't want to become an infertility blog, all about "TTC" and "DPO" and "OPK" and whatnot. I mostly find them depressing.)  I'm not technically infertile, yet, but it's only a matter of time.

There's also been some buzz about this Salon article about the young, feminist atheist who can't stop reading Mormon blogs (as though the Mormon bloggers aren't young? and what do you mean by "feminist"?). I have kind of the opposite feeling--I actually stopped reading a lot of those blogs. You know their lives can't be that perfect, and it borders on obnoxious (to me, anyway) to see someone portray everything as so shiny and happy. I much prefer to read blogs that include the bad days. It's more honest. We all have bad days. You can portray life realistically without being "woe is me, my life is so terrible" type of fishing for attention.

Things are rough right now, y'know? Looking for work, feeling lousy, hospital visits, renters...blah. I'm really hoping things have bottomed out, because I could really use an upswing.

Soooo. What's crappy in your life lately?


  1. Inversion induced migraines! I swear I've come home with one of these for the past two weeks... And they make me ornery!

  2. As in all things, I find a modicum of moderation to be in order. I am amused that these articles are looking for an entity to blame. Can't we - as a group - be sad because the country's in a depression, lots of people are out of work and there are natural disasters everywhere? Does it have to be Facebook? No one forces me to get on Facebook and play Mafia Wars every day.
    P.S. We can talk anytime about those who just look at each other naked and get pregnant.

  3. i've been reading b/w of Andrew's kind tie ins..but still feel a bit of an intruder. Having said that, there is a scene in the World According to Garp when checking out their new house, they hear a noise which increases in threatening volume ending up as a plane that flies into and destroys their house. Everyone is terrified but Garp is relieved, happy even- for he feels that they have been pre-disastered. He knows that good follows bad, and without accepting that part of the gig, you can't appreciate all the good days. I admire your prolific and dedicated writing, honesty, and wish you guys better days, soon.

  4. I have a post saved as a draft on my blog in which I rant about how sick I am of the "Mormon mommy blogs." Still debating whether or not to actually post it, since I know a lot of people who read them constantly, but yes, I am with you.


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