Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Job hunting, renters, and the money that unites these topics

So, I'm looking for work. Like, for reals. Face it, everything kind of shuts down between Thanksgiving and New Year's. No one wants to work, and there's so little point hiring someone new. Might as well wait and save yourself all that holiday pay.

I've already applied for several jobs. There's one that I really want, just because it is almost exactly what I was doing before, but pays thousands of dollars more. Tens of thousands. There are some requirements I don't quite meet; I'm not proficient on a Mac, although I have used them before. I'm not huge on databases, and I haven't managed an office staff, but I have everything else. But did I mention all the extra money? And it seems like they reeeeally want someone with strong writing skills (because people in the tech industry apparently can never spell or write clearly) so I've got that in spades. The position hasn't been posted very long, so I don't know what the time frame on that is going to be. I'd appreciate all your prayers/positive karma on that regard. Really, for any job.

But I do have an appointment tomorrow at some kind of temp staffing firm. I had to do the Excel skills test and ten-key entry test this evening. Total cake. There were a couple questions on the Excel one that I wasn't sure about, but in real life with a real version of Excel I could easily have figured it out. When all else fails, I always can figure it out with the assistance of my good friend Google. And ten key is easy for me. I'd be okay with temping for a few weeks at some mind-numbing data entry job where I didn't have to interact with the general public. At least it would be some money coming in. I could really use some of that about now; I'm getting a little stressed.

Although I should have some vacation payout coming to me eventually. I need to call about that. Don't want to let a week's pay slip through the cracks. Still, that won't take us terribly far. Nor will the mail in rebate that should be arriving soon. Or the renters' security deposit.

Yes, my crazy renter has decided to move out and forfeit the security deposit (presumably because I wouldn't prorate December and pay her for the cleaning she claimed to do) so I'm looking for a property management company with a decent fee structure that I can hand the reins to. I'm glad to be rid of a complainer, but not looking forward to dealing with it again. But if you're going to be mad at me, I guess giving me an extra $400 isn't a bad way to do it.

But on the upside, we've been getting stuff done, like the chair rail in the blue room. FH keeps calling it the office/library/thing. I wanted to call it the den, which he said is boring. We seem to have settled on the lounge, although now I'm leaning towards the Blue Lounge. Sounds like a cool club, no? There are no "before" pictures (way too depressing) but I'll getcha some "after" pictures eventually. Maybe when I have my books unpacked.


  1. Those renters are super lame. I'd get mad at them for you if I passed them in the street (and if I recognized them and stuff).

    I hope you get the cool job!

    I did office temp work for a summer before grad school. It wasn't so bad.

  2. Good luck with the cool job!
    Some people's kids are so rude and entitled. You'll find a better renter.


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