Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The following excitement is the bad kind

You may have heard that I have recently been hanging out at the hospital. Friday night, my dad started vomiting blood. He was pale and weak and all those things you would associate with someone vomiting blood, so we convinced him to go to the ER. My mom texted throughout the night, updating us with his dropping blood pressure. They eventually discovered that he had not one, but two bleeding ulcers, one of them quite large, so they admitted him.

Then Sunday night, we were watching football with my sister and her husband, when Adam's heart started racing. Not just racing, but galloping. He was pretty sure he was in atrial fibrillation, so off we went in search of medical care. But the only place to get medical care at 7pm on  Sunday is the ER. So we figured we'd head over to hospital Mom and Dad were at. A bunch of tests and meds in the ER, and he still hadn't "converted" to a normal rhythm. So they decided to admit him, too. We mentioned that Dad was upstairs, and could they put us nearby? Sure enough, they put us in the room next door.

Long story short, he's okay now and we're home. He's exhausted, and pretty bummed, because the government doesn't exactly want soldiers with a.fib. So all our plans need to be reevaluated, and some of his dreams let go.

And did I mention the hospital is expensive? They have a program where people without insurance can pay a lesser amount (not terribly more than most co-pay percentages, actually) but four EKGs, and echocardiogram, chest x-rays, and all sorts of meds are not cheap. And once they admit you, costs are through the roof. Plus it's just one more thing to worry about. I'd say half of my calories today came from stress-related candy. Yesterday it was from sleep deprivation-related Coke.

But everyone is home now and feeling okay-ish. Crappy temp job interviews (two!) this week might result in some income. Get to sleep in my own bed tonight. Things could be better, but could be worse. Sigh.


  1. That's wild. I'm glad people are doing better. That must have been really scary.

  2. I presume your dad is okay too? Glad to hear people are out of hospital, though sad to hear about hospital bills.

  3. What a rough 24 hours! I'm glad Adam is doing better though. It seems like you guys have had your share of trials lately, maybe that means something big, life altering and great is in store for you soon ;). Here's to hoping!

  4. Yes, Dad's doing a lot better, although they're going to have to change his RA medication. I guess they have an injection one now, which at least won't burn holes in his stomach.

  5. I'm so glad everyone is okay. Hospitals are never fun - unless it's a baby we go to see.
    And not to make light, but was it really hard to convince your father he needed to visit the ER?

  6. He is rather stubborn, but he wasn't too hard to be entreated this time. Something about blood where it shouldn't be that makes people easy to convince.


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