Thursday, December 23, 2010

Such caring

Our kitchen is mostly unpacked. Just a box or two left, several loads of dishes, and some organizing. Good enough that I can cook! So I ran to the store to buy chocolate for some treats I'm making tomorrow (and forgot the creamy peanut butter [we only have crunchy at the mo] until right when I got to the register, at which point I was too far into to go grab some, but I'm sure my mom has some I can swipe) and considered picking up a block of parmesean, zucchini, carrots, pasta, canned tomatoes, etc. to make some soup. Basically all I have on hand for it was the chicken broth. (Don't judge me. I'm working on rebuilding my pantry.) When I got back to my poor, sick husband, I was telling him how I was going to make soup, but gave up because the cheese was ridiculously expensive. He interrupted to say it was okay, because he's not really into soup when he's sick. I told him, "I know. The soup was for me."

In my defense, it's chilly! And I got too cold while trying to defrost the car windows, which will often make my headache. I had to settle for a cup of hot broth. I could have tossed some rice in for a little substance, but I'm laaaaaazy. Tomorrow should be good, though. I want to make peanut butter balls and toffee. I'd make caramel corn, too, but I don't think I have that much butter. Plus I'm lazy.

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  1. Since you didn't move here, can I move in with you?
    That sounds amazing.


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