Thursday, November 18, 2010

You give [the law profession] a bad name

Years ago, I worked for a lawyer. For a couple of months.  A kind lawyer, the kind that gives them all bad names. The kind you think of when people are telling lawyer jokes. Hence I only worked there for a few months. (I took a picture of his Yellow Pages ad, it was so stereotypically bad. I might even still have his equally bad business card.) He had tons of turnover, probably because he came across as kind of slimy. Well, in the course of researching something else (don't ask) I randomly stumbled across the little gem of information that he was disbarred two years after I quit.  You know why? Because people who seem slimy usually are, and they always get their comeuppance eventually.


  1. Just usually not so quickly. He must have been really slimy.

  2. I remember when you worked for him. I don't remember the specifics, but I only remember that he was a slime.

    (I also remember that you took a picture of the Yellow Pages ad.) That made me chuckle when you did that.

    Glad he got disbarred.


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