Friday, November 19, 2010

What use is an atlas showing the USSR?

I've been throwing away a bunch of stuff--duh--including a bunch of papers from school. I don't really need my eighth grade writing assignments, y'know? How long have I been carting this stuff around? Fifteen, twenty years? I kind of hope that someone comes dumpster diving so that they can enjoy the seventeen-year-old handwritten report on India, complete with hand-drawn maps.

As I was walking out to the garbage with another load, I thought, "It's kind of sad to be throwing away these mementos from my childhood." And then I thought, "Why? I don't want them. Why have I been hanging on to this crap for so long? I should have thrown it away years ago--like after each class ended."  Not only do I not want them, but it's not like my kids will want them. Eventually, they're going to get thrown away. Why not now?

Not only does this attitude help me not be as attached to my Stuff (I'm a sentimental packrat) but it makes moving a crapload easier. Wins all around.


  1. Eh...I'm kind of on the other side when it comes to things I did when I was little. I really liked looking at my parents' report cards and stuff when I was young, and sometimes I like to look back at things like the little stories and essays I wrote for school. But Eric doesn't have any of that stuff, and he doesn't seem to be any worse off.

  2. I can see that. I do still have a binder full of report cards and cute things from when I was little, but a lot of it was just boring assignments. Getting rid of 75% of it makes the stuff that I kept even more significant.

  3. I'm in the "if it's an original Jane then I keep it" category. Artwork that's really good, creative writing assignments; those're all in a sentimental jazz box in the shed. If it's just stuff I spewed back up from other sources then I pitch it. Still a sizable collection.


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