Friday, November 5, 2010

Stuff I (re)learned last night

People are liars, especially if it is to cover their butts.

It's really infuriating to be blamed for something you know you didn't do.

It feels pretty crappy when the police don't believe you. They're basically calling you a liar.

Airbags burn. Literally.

Sometimes ERs are really tame, full of people getting stitches out, pregnant ladies with UTIs, and a guy who cut his finger. Oh, and a girl who promised the paramedics she'd get checked out at the hospital.

All things being equal, you're better off getting in an accident with your paid-off car than your still-has-a-loan car.

Cars are designed to crumple in the front to protect the passengers.

It's hard to find a position to sleep when you can't put pressure on the inside of your forearm.

McDonald's doesn't put hot fudge at the bottom of the sundaes anymore.

Being upset turns off my food-related guilt switch.

Deep down, no one wants to eat a nice healthy dinner when they're distraught.

Sometimes, "look on the bright side" just makes you even more upset, even when the bright side is really bright.

Real friends are the ones who'll do things like pick you up in the middle of the street, take you home to get a bag, wait at the ER with you, then let you sleep on their couch.

Life is rough all over. 


  1. Holy smoleys, are you okay? And yes, I hate the times when people lie, especially when it's clear they are the ones to gain from telling the lie.
    And I love your friends on your behalf. You can tell them I said so.

  2. Goodness. I am behind in blog checking. I hope you are recovering well. I saw the pic of your car before this post. Take it easy is an understatement, but take it easy. If I lived closer I'd make you chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate.


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