Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New renters

Our friends with the crappy place have been kind of noncommittal about renting. They were late giving us an answer on whether they wanted it, they were never clear about when they wanted to move in, they blew past the WEEK deadline we gave them on signing a rental agreement, etc. They were even late when they were supposed to come look at it!  It doesn't engender a lot of hope that they'll pay their rent on time when potential renters can't complete any part of the process on time.  Basically they were acting like they're doing us a supreme favor, even though we offered them a better deal than we were to everyone else.

So we said nuts to that, and I listed it on KSL for fifty bucks more than we were asking from them (and no free internet!) and from the time I listed it to the time we told someone they could have it, it was less than 72 hours. They love it! They really hope they can get it! It's got lots of storage! I like how it's so secluded! When do you think you'll know? We're just so excited to move in! That's what I'm talking about.

And really, it's better for us anyway. We come a lot closer to covering all our expenses. And from talking to them a couple times and meeting them once, they already seem more reliable. One of their references even said, "I'd never tell her this, but she's pretty OCD about cleaning." That's exactly what I want in a renter!

So I'm hopeful they'll stay the whole time he's finishing his degree at the U. Maybe by then we'll be in a better position to sell. I'm not really interested in being a landlord long term.

Of course, our friends called last night, mad as proverbial wet hens. "We told you we wanted to rent it!" O rly? You didn't act like it. "But we emailed and asked for the dimensions!" Yeah, and we replied and said you're welcome to measure when you sign the lease.  "We were in Vegas!" Did you mention that to us, set a time to come sign? Or sign it before you left? "We asked you to email it to us!" Not that I know of, you didn't. What if we had been strangers who had given you a deadline to sign a lease? Strangers aren't going to hold it for you just because you said you wanted it. That's the whole point of having a rental agreement. It makes things binding.

They are mad enough that the friendship is probably over. It happens sometimes; I once had a friendship bust up because I didn't want to wear a formal gown to go bowling. True story.  Anyway, I guess this is why you shouldn't do business with friends. Is that some sort of common knowledge? Looks like it; Google autocompleted "don't do business" with "friends" before "family." You tell 'em, Google.


  1. Bummer about your friends, but I'm glad it seems like you're getting a better deal. Good luck with everything!

  2. Because I am always one to judge: if they were goiing to take advantage of your friendship like that, you didn't want them as friends anyway. Nice work on the new ones though. Can I borrow the OCD one for my house?


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