Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lost art of bargaining

I've been trying to sell some of my bigger or unnecessary stuff on KSL lately (do you need a 32" TV, new-in-box Hershey's S'mores Maker, seasons 1-3 of House, HP 23 color ink, or a 3' x 4' canvas?).  I've sold a couple things, but haven't gotten a lot of response. I don't know if people don't expect to barter or what, but I'm getting lots of views but no response.

I have the TV (with stand, converter box, and antenna) listed on craigslist for $150. Someone emailed and asked if I would let it go for $75. See, this fellow knows how to negotiate. I responded and said I'd take $100. That's a decent price for all that; the digital antenna alone was $50ish.  But then he didn't respond.

So I figure no one on KSL is aware that they can negotiate--even though I specifically say "or best offer"--and have reduce the price on things accordingly. But apparently I underpriced my stereo. I figured that there wouldn't be a lot of interest in a bulky five-disc changer. People have iPods, what do they need a dual tape deck for? It does have a remote, but still, it's got to be at least ten years old. And yet this morning I had two people call who wanted it.

Maybe I shouldn't look at it as underpriced. Maybe I should consider it competitively priced. Although I think on internet classifieds, "competitive" equals "ridiculously cheap."


  1. Maybe they don't think you're serious? There have been a number of fraudulent activities on the Craigslist and eBay etc.

  2. Yeah, but most of it is on KSL, the local (and less dodgy) classifieds.


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