Friday, November 12, 2010

Good news!

We got a lot more than we were expecting for my car--like, hundreds and hundreds and a couple thousands too--so we went ahead and booked the cruise we were thinking about. We never went on a proper honeymoon, and he loves cruises, and they're actually a remarkable value. Plus our anniversary will be the last day at sea, and we get some kind of perks that are supposed to be a surprise. I can't wait! I love vacations, dressing up, free room service, no luggage restriction, making a big deal out of special's perfect. And I get to buy a new dress that I'll probably never have occasion to wear again. You know what that means? We have to go on more cruises to get our money's worth.

I figure it will be easier to find a modest formal dress in Utah, so I'm doing a little shopping before I go home and do a lot of packing. Which is okay, because I had waaaaay too much Cherry Coke at lunch. But it was in the fountain, and rarely does that happen, so I indulged in a refill. Anyway, I've got nowhere to be in the morning. I can stay up as late as I want. One of the many perks of being a childless grown up.


  1. Congratulations! Just make sure it's not one of those super flammable cruises.

    Where are you cruisin'?

  2. I have enjoyed two of the three cruises I have had the chance to be on. The middle one was in the wake of a hurricane and we got so very seasick but the other two were fantastic.
    Have a really fun time.

  3. Ahh...I want to go on a cruise. Congratulations! Take pictures!

  4. Wooooooo! Cruise!!! What a silver lining. So glad that you're both alright- were you both in the car? I think I'll add 'go on a cruise' to my life list.

  5. No, it was just me, on my way home from work. Everyone I know who has been on a cruise loved it. Seems like a worth life goal.


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