Monday, November 1, 2010

Excellent, excellent news

After a highly unnecessary amount of delay, we have someone to rent our condo!  (Still wouldn't mind selling it, though.) We have some friends that we've been trying to convince to rent it.

Their place is terrible--no counter space and only two or three cabinets in the kitchen, no dishwasher, only a 3/4 bathroom, no dining room, no garage, no pantry (because it's full of the owners' food storage) etc. It's a basement apartment, so in addition to the owners' food storage in what should be their pantry, they have to share the washer and dryer that's in their unit and they can hear the kids running around at all hours. The owners come down whenever they feel like it, and let the kids run around while they do laundry. When the owners go on vacation, they turn off the heat entirely. Sure, the utilities are included, but they don't have any control over them. Frankly, for what they're getting, I think they are being over charged.

The wife is anxious to move, but all the sudden her husband, usually a spendthrift, is complaining about how much more they would have to pay to rent our place. Yeah, it's $130 more a month and you have to pay utilities, but you also don't have to whisper when you want to badmouth the neighbors.  Yeah, their landlords can hear them through the vents. The vents that are so close, thanks to the incredibly low ceilings, ceilings so low that at some places they're just a few inches above his head.  Besides, our place is over 300 square feet bigger than theirs.

So obviously they're going to move anyway, but they just can't decide if they want to live here. It's not that hard of a decision. I mean, if they're looking to improve their living space, they are going to end up paying more. We're even throwing in free internet and not making them pay a security deposit, just because I feel more comfortable with renters we know. It's actually a really good deal for them. If we rented to someone else, we would get a security deposit, a year lease, and not have to pay for the internet. We told them that we needed an answer before Adam got on the plane last night to go back to Arizona, otherwise we'd rent to someone else.

So we hadn't heard anything all day. They kept texting questions and whatnot, but no answer. We finally were like, "So they're deciding no and they're not even going to call us. Not cool." Adam was in the airport, waiting to board, and finally we get a text saying that they're going to take it. Geez, it's not like you're buying it; we're only asking for a six month commitment.

But we are relieved to have renters. They aren't sure when exactly they're going to move in; we gave them the option of December 1 or prorating it and moving in on the 15th. But I'm out of here in November. My last day at work will be the 19th--three weeks away. I'm so excited!  Sure, we don't have jobs yet, and we'll be living with my parents through the end of the year but that is actually not a problem. I'm getting out of Utah! No more snow! No more nylons! Swimming pools and weekend trips to California! I'm so happy!


  1. People don't like change even if the current situation isn't very good.
    Congratulations on getting a renter and enjoy the lack of the frozen white stuff. I sure haven't missed it.

  2. Um. The thing about that story that stuck out the most to me is the fact that when they go out of town, the owners turn off the heat--even though people are still living in the house! What on earth? That's... just... I don't even know. Stupid.

    Glad you found someone to rent!


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