Thursday, October 7, 2010

You'll all be wearing gold-plated diapers

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I've got baby fever.  Every time I look at this picture...
 ...I get all squeal-y.  For one thing, that's just a really cute baby.  But also, that's my husband! Holding a baby!  Like it's a real baby and not a bomb or something icky!  (He'd never held a baby before Miss C here, so he was a little nervous at first. But he got the hang of it pretty fast.)  He could totally be standing in that same room in that same outfit, holding our baby. How awesome does that sound?  Sigh.

In addition to that baby who is turning into a great big girl and not really a baby anymore, our good friends have a two-month old baby who is so cute even when he's crying for no good reason.  Plus everyone on Facebook seems to be expecting.  Plus a couple of my friends are "trying" or getting to that point.  There are babies everywhere and I want one! I may not buy into shoe trends or "it" bags, but this is something I can get behind.

And speaking of fevers, it feels like the injection site on my arm has a fever. I always forget how uncomfortable flu shots are for the first few days.  I much prefer baby fever to localized flu shot fever.

*Internet Points are utterly useless and redeemable for nothing, other than knowing that you're awesome.

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  1. The only time in my life I got the flu was the one time I got the flu shot. I'm taking my chances.
    As for the babies, if it helps we aren't expecting or anything, though if you find a spare let me know.


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