Monday, October 4, 2010

Or in other words, "May make you crazy"

Go read this article about the new research "comparing the brains of women on birth control pills with brains of other women and men."  I find it interesting that 50 years after the pill's first version, they're saying, "Hey, we should maybe check into that."  Of course, technology and methodology are probably far more suited to it than forty years ago, but what about ten or twenty years ago?

Anyway, with all the anecdotal evidence of personality change, I do appreciate that there's at least some research being done.  I especially appreciate that the researchers used the word "catawampus" in their report.  I sometimes call them crazy pills, I get so weepy and...well, crazy.  I was never particularly keen on the idea of hormonal birth control methods, for just this type of thing.  What other physical impact do they have that has gone unnoticed for the last half century?  Bleck.

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  1. It's just for reasons like that that I have never been drawn to take birth control pills.


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